App with Drop and Abuse Detection

AirGuard Lone Worker Safety Application

AirGuard Lone Worker Safety Application & Real-Time Location System (RTLS) for  hazardous areas and remote working

RTLS Indoor & Outdoor Positioning System

RTLS Indoor & Outdoor Positioning System utilizing Bluetooth and GPS to monitor and track asset location

Paperless Mobile Forms & NFC Data Capture

Complete maintenance and inspections faster, avoid errors and double entry, track work progress submit everything in real-time

Mobile Device Management

AirGuard application with throw detect, drop and abuse detection. Better manage your Enterprise mobility, reduce RMAs and ascertain root cause with AirGuard lone worker safety system

App with Drop and Abuse Detection

AirGuard with throw detect, drop and abuse detection. Reduce RMA broken and damaged devices and ascertain root cause with AirGuard lone worker safety application.

App to Remote Manage Devices

Restrict device applications, with the AirGuard lone worker safety application and manage user settings, turn on/off apps and check battery performance.

App to Collect Data from Sensors

AirGuard lone worker safety application you can collect sensor data and SNMP protocols. Send live data from the project site to the office in real-time.

App for Hazardous Area working

AirGuard lone worker safety application lets you run sophisticated lone worker, task management and mobile forms within remote and hazardous areas.

App to Protect Lone and Remote Workers

Sophisticated lone worker with AirGuard lone worker safety application providing powerful inactivity, angle alarm, shock detection, wakefulness and GPS tracking.

App for Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

Connect AirGuard lone worker safety application with Bluetooth iBeacons and NFC tags to monitor, track and locate everything in real-time.

No Other Lone Worker Safety Application, Gives You So Much as Standard!

Take control of your remote lone-workers, and safeguard their health and safety

NFC tags or iBeacons as checkpoints

Track, locate and manage users, assets and vehicles indoors and outdoors with Bluetooth iBeacons and NFC Tags

Attendance Monitoring

Better manage your time on site, and employee clock-in’s and clock-out’s in addition to maintaining accurate shift planning

Lone Worker Functions

Inactivity / Angle alarm / Shock detection / Wakefulness / GPS tracking with history / Remote volume management


List of all activities and events displayed in list along with consolidated PDF reports from Logs with all events and photos

Task Management System

Task management system for one-time, repeating and scheduled tasks, including task description and time for completion

Remote Device Management

Manage mobile devices remotely. Pair devices to the AirGuard system via QR code and restrict device applications and manage users

AirGuard Notifications

Real time location safety application with up-to 40 types of events with notifications via email, dashboard and dynamic SMS

AirGuard Sensors

Collect field data with supported SNMP protocol devices and threshold settings. Sensor widgets on dashboard with actual values

Mobile Forms

Create your own form templates for completion on a mobile device. Completed forms are auotmatically recorded and report ready

KPI Engine

Track user key performance indicators (KPI’s) Track user minimums either reached, not reached or violated and act


Geofencing (Checking GPS mobile device position), Leaving of the region forbidden, Region with access denied

Users Management

User access to AirGuard web-portal, patrols or attendances. Detailed permissions management for users and groups


Employee Duty of Care for Lone Workers

Employers have a duty of care to their employees to take all steps which are reasonably possible to ensure their health, safety and well-being. Airacom has a sophisticated alarm control system, location and panic alerting to protect those put in front of potentially life threatening situations.

Real-time locating system (RTLS) for indoor and outdoor positioning of assets. Track, locate and monitor the safety of field-workers and lone workers operating remotely throughout some of the worlds most hostile, remote and hazardous locations.

Airacom AirGuard, provides automated real-time visibility of assets, people and vehicles in addition to notification of critical alarms both indoors and outdoors using Bluetooth iBeacons and GPS.

AirGuard Lone Worker Safety App

  • Lone Worker Safety Sysytem
  • Dedicated Support Center
  • Lone Worker Android App (compatible with 250+ devices)
  • Attendance Monitoring (keep a check of remote workers)
  • Sophisticated Geo-Fencing - (leaving of region or region access denied). Receive immediate notification if users enter or leave a restricted geo-fence