Location Based Services (LBS)

Integrate Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) into industrial processes, and achieve real-time visibility across people, assets and machines. Indoor positioning solutions, locating anything, everywhere.

Location Based Services

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  • Mobile Phone Encryption

Location Based Services Real-Time Visibility of Assets

Affordable, location-based tracking and life-saving lone worker emergency notification technology via indoor Bluetooth beacons and outdoor GPS, to thousands of public and private sector users across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

AirGuard is a powerful, robust and highly-accurate indoor-outdoor asset tracking and asset positioning system. Manage the location of people, vehicles and equipment using AirGuard real-time location system (RTLS), to increase safety and efficiency of remote and hazardous area workers. Compatible with over 250+ smartphones, vehicle tracking telematics boxes and Bluetooth iBeacons. AirGuard location based services, provides unparalleled positioning and performance across indoor, outdoor and sub-surface (underground) environments.

Large sites, remote working and potentially dangerous and hazardous areas, require critical life-saving communications on-site, in-buildings and when you travel beyond the boundaries of an indoor Bluetooth iBeacon environment. Rais critical alarms to colleagues and security personnel, and let them know you need immediate assistance. Alarm triggers on fall, or the press of an SOS button, sends emergency responders to your GPS location for immediate response to emergency situations.

Indoor Positioning System

Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) is like a GPS for indoor environments. AirGuard IPS can be used to locate people or objects inside buildings.

Real Time Location System

Integrate Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) into industrial processes, and achieve real-time visibility across people, assets and machines.

Vehicle Tracking System

Covert vehicle tracking system, delivers real benefits to fleets in real-time by providing visibility and control over mobile assets.

Lone Worker Protection

Lone worker safety systems, protecting personnel operating alone or within dangerous situations across remote and hazardous areas.

Indoor Positioning Solutions, Locating Anything, Everywhere

Proximity beacons and indoor positioning solutions (IPS) provide both industrial and hazardous areas, retail and hospital environments with accurate location data. Better manage critical zone 1 hazardous areas, equipment and machinery with real-time visibility

Secure Communication

Full-stack, multi-layered security architecture with Military level encrypted communication software based on private communication protocol offers superior protection against malicious interference and attacks. Article12 enables end-to-end encrypted voice calls and messaging over 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi from a single app.

Independently researched and developed military level encrypted communication software based on private communication protocol, wrapped-up in either ultra-rugged, intrinsically safe zone 1/21 or Enterprise grade Android smartphones for industry and for corporate use.

Mobility Trends

By 2021 82% of all cars shipped will be connected
Enterprise apps boost worker productivity by more than
IT departments fail business expectations when it comes to apps
20% of consumer cars in Europe and the US will be app-connected by 2017

Intrinsically Safe Smartphones

Intrinsically safe mobility is the backbone of any business operating within harsh & hazardous areas.

Mobile Encryption & Security

Secure multi-layered security architecture and military encrypted voice calls and messaging.

Intrinsically Safe Tablets

Capture field-data with intrinsically safe zone 1 and 2 certified Android and Windows tablets.

IT Networking & PBX Solutions

Dedicated IT support and phone system solutions, break-fix and structured cabling.

Real-time location System

Accurately know exactly where people, assets and equipment are located in real-time.

Oil and Mining Logistics

Providing our industrial partners with logistics solutions to optimise their value chain.

No Trace of Calls, 25 patents & 18 software copyrights

No trace of calls or messages, no records in third-party operators.  81.3% of calls and messages were deciphered on the pathway rather than on the phone.  The solution? – Deployment of private server platforms by Airacom, Article12 for enterprises, governments and military institutions to benefit from on-premiss confidential and secure communications delivering encryption of voice and messaging to multiple real-time calls.

Secure mobile devices, multi-layered security architecture, and flexible enterprise deployment ensures everyone in the mobile economy can communicate securely.