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ATEX Zone 2 Tablets

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Intrinsically Safe Tablets Boosts Productivity

Companies embracing intrinsically safe tablet mobility can boost productivity with an average gain of around 57 minutes per day. Explosion proof tablets provide easy access to critical on-site information, and allow the engineer to capture data across the project site.

Intrinsically safe tablets are a special type of PC, certified with globally recognised certification standards for the safe operation across potentially explosive atmospheres, commonly known as hazardous location. Ultra-rugged tablets designed for industrial environments, able to withstand some of the worlds most harsh, hostile and remote locations.


Intrinsically safe tablets for inspections and maintenance engineers exposed to potentially explosive atmospheres, harsh conditions and remote locations. With emergency notifications and lone worker protection for increased safety. Talk to us, and find out how you can implement a winning strategy,with the deployment of intrinsically safe tablets and explosion proof tablet mobility. Increase your operational efficiency by connecting the project site with the office.

Explosion proof tablets for zone 2 hazardous areas

Intrinsically safe tablets, designed to be rugged and anti-explosive from the ground up. Our ATEX tablets focuses on zone 2, division 2 intrinsic safety, for the safe operation of explosion proof tablets within hazardous areas.

Getac T800Ex Tablet

Getac T800Ex Zone 2 Tablet

The Getac T800 fully rugged tablet is always there when you need it. Its 8.1`` screen is just the right size to get things done and its thin, ergonomic design allows you to hold it comfortably in one hand.

GETAC F110EX Tablet

GETAC F110EX Zone 2 Tablet

The award-winning F110 is a true revolution in rugged tablet computing. The F110 combines best-in-class performance, industry-leading security, a large 11.6” widescreen display and a thin and light design that redefines rugged mobility.

Airacom Connected World

Lone worker safety system

AirGuard BS8484 approved lone worker protection system combining the latest indoor and outdoor positioning, GPS, GPRS and fall alarm technologies to better manage your remote and at risk users.

Intrinsically Safe Tablets with Anti-Explosive Technology

It is clear that the entire oil & gas value chain must embrace technology to reduce costs, improve production, increase productivity and collaboration. Airacom connects the project site to the office, with innovative ultra-rugged atex zone 1 tablets running Android and Windows operating systems

Digital Field-Workers

ATEX Tablets Increase Efficiency and Improve Safety

With the introduction of big data and business intelligence (BI). Industries of all sizes, and across verticals are now looking at on-site data collection and analytics to leverage business improvement, and increase efficiency.

With advancements in explosion proof tablet mobility, companies operating within hazardous zone 1 areas, such as the pharmaceutical, oil and gas and utilities, can now leverage leading productivity platforms, through their intrinsically safe tablet. Engineers can use their explosion proof tablets to run world-class Enterprise applications. Collect sensor data, and manage inspections and maintenance job right from their explosion proof tablet within hazardous zone 1 areas, which require the highest levels of intrinsic safety and explosion protection.

Explosion Proof Tablets for Oil and Gas

Upstream oil and gas companies are focused on driving value from explosion proof tablet and smart mobility. The oil and gas industry is becoming increasingly competitive with oil price volatility continuing to dominate headlines into 2017.  Heavy regulation and fast-changing dynamics, means managing both offshore and onshore operations comes with some serious challenges for oil and gas industry.

Digital technology investments in intrinsically safe wireless networks, and investment within the industrial internet of things (IIoT), is helping oil and gas companies reduce costs and make better, faster decisions. Explosion proof tablets, allow access to the cloud, to rapidly unlock the value of a connected project site. Delivering critical information in real-time.

Digital Oil-Field Mobility Trends

80% Plan to invest the same or more in digital technology over the next 3-5 years. Including investment in explosion proof tablets
91% believe digital technologies are adding value
66% believe analytics represents a very important opportunity to transform their business
13% feel their company has a fully mature analytics capability

The time to mobilise your digital field-force and deploy explosion proof tablets to leverage big data is now

The time to mobilise and improve the communications and data flow from the field to the office is now. Talk to us, and understand how we can better improve your mobility strategy, roll-out proposition and mobilisation of your digital field workers with intrinsically safe tablets.

Indoor Positioning System

Indoor positioning for explosion proof tablets

Imagine a streamlined safety system collecting location data across your company’s field-based assets, devices and users both indoors and outdoors. You’d innovate faster, become more agile, and outpace your competition.

Mobile Encryption Application

Critical national infrastructure protection

Modern enterprises, government agencies, network operators, and oil and energy companies rely on business-critical data. With the increasing value of confidential data generated and transmitted across networks, confidential data has become ever more attractive to thieves and intruders. Consequently, the number of attacks and breaches continues to rise. In response, organisations must secure their networks and mobile end-points to protect data and guard against network intrusions.

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Intrinsically safe tablets