About Airacom

About Airacom

Globally connected

Airacom has evolved to become a leading Enterprise mobility and services company, operating across five continents with more than 600 customers worldwide.

We provide joined-up mobility, connectivity and workforce management solutions to mobilise, secure and optimise both business critical, and mission critical communications. Airacom is privately owned, founded in 2007 by visionary people with a passion to provide innovative communications, data and security solutions.
We specialise in working with companies operating across some of the worlds most harsh, hostile and challenging locations. And we focus on solving complex challenges around mobility, security and location based services through cutting-edge mobile technologies.

Empowering Engineers. Connecting People, Data and Machines

Prepare for operational success. Connect enterprise mobility applications and empower your field-force to work smarter, faster and more efficiently. Our mission is to ensure that everyone has the ability to protect, secure, monitor and locate the safety and security of data, people and assets in real-time.

Traditional Two-Way Radio Systems Limiting in Wide-Area Coverage

Traditional radio systems are both limiting in coverage and features, costly to procure, run, maintain and support.

DMR Radio-Coverage AeroSierra Global PTT
Global Push-to-Talk Platform over any 3G, 4G-LTE and WiFi Network

Switch to the AeroSierra PTT Platform and benefit from resilient networks, low latency and lower costs with world-wide coverage.

Digital Transformation

Bridging the Data Divide Across Industries


We're Looking for People Who Excel

Careers @ Airacom

You should be at the top of your field, remarkably dedicated, and excited about shaping our future.

6 Open Positions


Smart Mobility for Professional Workers

Industrial Smart Devices

Mobilise field-workers operating across remote, harsh and hazardous areas using the latest industrial and intrinsically safe smartphones and tablets across the Airacom device ecosystem.

Smart Device Ecosystem


Leading the Way in Business Critical Communications

Connecting Teams to Business Critical Conversations

Traditional radio systems are both limiting and costly. Switch to the AeroSierra PTT Platform and benefit from resilient networks, low latency and low costs.

Instant Push-to-Talk


AeroSierra Instant Push-to-Alert

Protecting what's Important

Life threatening and hostile situations requires immediate action. Push-to-Alert raises alarms, notifies supervisors and in conjunction with instant Push-to-Talk and Push-to-Locate, identifies exact location of your field-workers.

Instant Push-to-Alert