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Oil and Gas Intrinsically Safe Smartphone Mobility
Enterprise mobility empowers businesses

Mobilise, Optimise and Secure Business Critical Communications

Business of all sizes are faced with the challenge of engaging and ever mobile workforce in an increasingly mobile world. Challenging environment, diverse workforces require best-of-breed technology and greater flexibility to achieve operational excellence. Efficient workforces strive for real-time information, communication and data capture.

About Airacom
  • Connect your project site
  • Mobilise your workforce
  • Secure your network
  • Protect your team
Our History

Leading the way in mobility

Airacom Limited, incorporated in 2007 and located in central London, the company was formed by professionals with a background in Enterprise mobility across the wireless and telecoms spaces. our unrivalled product set can be used as a fully integrated suite of software applications and industrial mobile devices can be used over any network, using any device, across the whole range of business sectors.

Our organisation has evolved to become a leading hardware and software services company. Operating across five continents with office locations in the UK, Abu-Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Chile, Ghana, and Nigeria. Combined with our extensive global network of distributors, systems integrators and sales partners.

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Our Services
  • Connect the project site
  • Mobilise your workforce
  • Secure your network
  • Protect your team
  • Increase collaboration & safety
Our Success
  • Over 700 Clients Worldwide
  • 2.5 Million Minutes Billed
  • 6 Global Locations
  • 2015 Launch of AirGuard RTLS  
  • 2017 Launch of AeroSierra PTT