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AIRACOM Powering Digital

Connecting people data and machines by focusing on cutting-edge mobile challenges around communications, security, location tracking and IT services to field-workers across industries.

Secure, Mobilize, and Optimize
Business Communications

Airacom is a UK-based systems integrator of workforce management and critical communications technologies. We focus on cutting-edge mobile challenges around mobility, security and location based services, delivering instant communications and location awareness across industries.

Business of all sizes are faced with the challenge of engaging and ever mobile workforce in an increasingly mobile world. Today’s globalised and challenging environments require greater creativity in order to find solutions which can lower costs, increase productivity and improve worker safety.

Enterprise mobility empowers businesses of all sizes to benefit from digital transformation. A mobile-first approach to creating a digital workforce is an important tool in surmounting all of these challenges when combined with business applications and cloud-services.

Privately owned, Airacom was founded in 2007 by visionary people with a passion to provide innovative communications, data and security solutions to companies operating across some of the worlds most hostile and challenging locations.

Our organisation has evolved to become a leading hardware and software services company employing more than 200 people worldwide across five continents servicing more than 600 customers.

With today’s increasing need for instant communications and big data, Airacom has invested significant resources towards its research and development in instant push-to-talk and real-time location systems.


Airacom focuses on providing Enterprise grade, cross-border IT and Telecoms support services. Helping our clients better manage the switch to the evolution of big data and analytics through connected technologies.


Just starting your IoT journey? Want to learn about implementations in your industry?

Airacom can help you learn how to secure and analyse data, and take advantage of the Industrial IoT to create productive, lasting business success stories.

Connecting Field-Workers Across Hazardous Areas

leading-edge industrial smartphones and atex certified tablets for professionals operating across some of the worlds most harsh, hostile and hazardous locations.


Run Workforce Management
for Teams and Field Workers

Effective communication and collaboration is the critical component to increasing safety, success and profitability across field operations in all industries. Real-time worker Location, Presence and Status.