Intrinsically Safe Smartphones
Hazardous Area

Keeping engineers communicating across hazardous areas

Airacom provides a unique Enterprise perspective on solving client mobility needs as a leading integrator…
Hazardous Area Engineers
Location Services

How to achieve optimum resource utilisation in real-time

Airacom real-time location system (RTLS) provides the capability to track employees, assets, equipment and vehicles…
ATEX Engineer

Mobile Phone Expert XP-Ex-1Serious Risk Identified

9th December 2011 -┬áThe European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry) requires Member States to prohibit…
Explosion Proof Cell Phone Case
Explosion Proof
Explosion Proof Cell Phone Cases
Sub-Saharan Africa Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise Mobility Sub-Saharan Africa
Aegex-10 Tablet
Explosion Proof
Smart Mobility For Hazardous Environments
Oil and Gas Mobility
Location Services
Over the Air Updates
Push to Locate
Protected: Push to Talk over Cellular Better than Land Mobile Radio
Petrol Station Hazardous Area Tablet
Hazardous Area Atex Tablets Enabling Mobile Working in the UAE