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Mobile Phone Expert XP-Ex-1Serious Risk Identified

9th December 2011 -┬áThe European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry) requires Member States to prohibit…
Digital Transformation
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Atex Approved Mobile Phones

Constant communications and access to time sensitive information and data capture across the project site…
Hazardous Area Engineers
Location Services

How to achieve optimum resource utilisation in real-time

Airacom real-time location system (RTLS) provides the capability to track employees, assets, equipment and vehicles…
Sub-Saharan Africa Enterprise Mobility
Enterprise Mobility Sub-Saharan Africa
Aegex-10 Tablet
Explosion Proof
Smart Mobility For Hazardous Environments
distillery engineers
BT To Shut-Down Traditional Network
Intrinsically Safe Smartphones
Hazardous Area
Keeping engineers communicating across hazardous areas
Push to Locate
Protected: Push to Talk over Cellular Better than Land Mobile Radio
Push to Alert Lone Worker Protection
Location Services
How to protect lone workers