Bluetooth Beacons

Improving indoor localisation using Bluetooth low energy beacons

Loc-Ex 01

ATEX Bluetooth Beacon

Intrinsically safe Bluetooth beacon. Surface mountable or easily adapted on the optional available mounting plate. Bluetooth 4.0 fully compatible with currently popular smartphones & tablets and can be recognised by smartphone and tablets over a distance of up to 200 meters. The beacon signals can be evaluated by the mobile device via individual applications and, in this way, interact with the user or other programs.


  • ATEX / IECEx Zone 1/21
  • NEC / CEC approval
  • Compatible with BT Low Energy from version 4.0
  • Range inside buildings up to 30 m, outdoors up to 200m
  • Possibility to change important operating parameters “over the air”
  • Open firmware for individual BLE profile development (TI CC2541)
  • IP64 Stable UV-resistant enclosure (can also be used outdoors)

Proximity Beacons

Medium Range

If you are building simple proximity applications start with Proximity Beacons – the most popular beacons on the market. They support both iBeacon™ and Eddystone™. For touch experiences, they also have NFC built in.


  • Lifetime: 2 years
  • range: 70 m
  • Packets: iBeacon™ or Eddystone™
  • Features: Motion & temperature sensor, NFC

Location Beacons

Long Range

For indoor location, IoT prototyping or enterprise-grade deployments choose Location Beacons – the most robust beacons on the market. They support multiple packets, mesh networking, and have built-in sensors.

  • Features: Lifetime: 5 years
  • Range: 200 meters
  • Packets: 8 simultaneously (iBeacon™/Eddystone™)
  • Features: 5 sensors, NFC, mesh, GPIO, 1Mb EEPROM

Airacom Stickers


Stickers are the world’s smallest beacons. They have built-in sensors and advertise connection-less telemetry data. Tiny form factor makes them great for smart objects and nearables prototyping.

  • Features: Lifetime: 1 year
  • Range: 7 meters
  • Packets: iBeacon™ or Eddystone™
  • Features: Temperature, motion

Video Beacon


Mirror is our completely NEW product. It’s the world’s first video beacon. When connected to any screen it will show personalised and contextual user content. It’s compatible with our SDK and Airacom Stickers.


  • lifetime: endless (USB-powered)
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Packets: 2 simultaneously (iBeacon™/Eddystone™)
  • Features: WiFi, HDMI, communication with smartphones, monitoring beacons and stickers