Cloud-Based VoIP Systems Extend Coverage

Airacom helps organisations connect their traditional office PBX business phone system, with field-workers through VoiP and SIP. Extending office communications wherever you go

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Choosing your Cloud Based VoiP Systems

Cloud based voip systems, come with the biggest pro, cost. Businesses that switch to VoIP reduce the cost of their local calls by up to 40%. Those same small to medium sized businesses reduce the cost of their international calls by up to 90%.  Airacom provides a range of call packages, with unlimited minute and pay-as-you-go pricing models accommodating everything from a call centre, down to a small home-office.

Cloud based hosted platforms also do not require you to purchase expensive hardware. There is little maintenance and installation, saving your business hundreds if not thousands of pounds per year.

Then there is geographic flexibility and reliability of a cloud based VoiP system. You do not have to be physically next to your desk phone to make and receive calls. Hosted cloud phone systems allow you to work from anywhere with a working Internet connection. You can set up an IP phone, plug in your laptop, or use a softphone on your smartphone to make phone calls from your cloud phone system. This means you can work from home, from site to site, or as a full time remote employee.

Cloud Phone System Pros

Cloud based phone systems can connect your entire company to the same phone service, and have it managed by a single administrator from any location. Running multiple sites in the UK, across Europe or globally has never been easier.

With Redundancy and network resiliency, cloud based phone systems can operate from multiple server locations. If the cloud-based server goes down in London UK, then another service already provisioned say in Paris, France can automatically pickup your call traffic. The important aspect here is, you do not need to provision anything. Airacom provides a fully managed cloud-based VoiP system. All you need to do is decide if you want a cloud-hosted system, or a traditional PBX installed at your location along with all of the setup, servicing and maintenance costs a traditional system comes with.

Mobility Trends

By 2021 82% of all cars shipped will be connected
Enterprise apps boost worker productivity by more than
IT departments fail business expectations when it comes to apps
20% of consumer cars in Europe and the US will be app-connected by 2017

Cloud Based VoiP System, the Con's

The con’s of switching to a hosted cloud based VoiP system are limited. However you may require to purchase equipment to get you up and running, such as IP desk phones if you do not already have these. IP desk phones are typically priced in economy ranges, so pricing per handset is generally at the lower side of desk-phone costs. To support the IP desk phones, you may also require a bigger router with more Ethernet ports, as the IP desk phones require Ethernet cables.

Dependant on your structured cat5e or cat6 network cabling within your building, it may require additional network cables to be run from some or all of your desk areas, to the switch typically located within your comms or server room. You do not need to worry about additional power sockets, plugs and power packs to power the IP desk phones. We can install a PoE switch to run power down the same Ethernet cable, reducing mess and cost of adaptors.

What we do

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Connect the Project Site to the Office, Gain a Competitive Advantage

Today’s modern field-services company stands on the cusp of a new-era. With technology advancements in mobile and fixed communications, extending the traditional business phone system, to the project site increases operational efficiency and provides a competitive advantage.

Business Phone System Security

#H@ck the System! Is you business phone system being hacked right now?  If it was, how would you know?

Business Line Installation

Installation and management of Analogue, ISDN, Fibre, SIP and VoiP lines. Competitive line and call charge packages with flexible contract terms.

On-Premises Phone Systems

We’ll install one of our top-flight PBX systems on your premises along with any PSTN/ISDN lines that you may need.

Business Phone System Support

We understand the challenges faced by companies managing business phone system maintenance and support.

Phone System Choose By Location

Airacom provides business phone systems and phone system support throughout the UK, Europe and UAE.

Explosion Proof Phone Systems

Connect cloud-based VoiP, or on-premise business phone system to rugged intrinsically safe smartphone mobility.

Business Broadband Services

Benefit from high speed and consistently reliable connectivity. Connect regional international offices, benefit from free site to site calls.