Two Way Radio Systems

Diverse range of portable radios and business two-way radio systems. Efficiently coordinate and communicate with effective digital two way radio systems

Two Way Radio Systems

Tailored Mobility Solutions Across Industries

Airacom delivers tailored mobility and location based services to a diverse range of industries and sectors


Rise of the machines, transform the way employees use and share information.


To stay competitive, construction companies need innovation, collaboration and skilled workforce’s.


Enhancing security and increasing operational effectiveness is mission critical.


Airacom supports pharma companies with Enterprise mobility and location based services.


Meet compliance with IATA  and ISAGO and better manage your ground handling.


We understand the challenges faced by distillery companies, and the ever need to modernise.

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas value chain, upstream, midstream and downstream can benefit from leveraging Big Data


High traffic forecasts means demands for lower costs, great efficiency and improved safety.


Airacom assists chemical companies become more efficient and run safer operations.


Energy companies are challenged by ageing infrastructures and strict regulations.


Connect enterprise mobility apps, empower your field-force and become more agile.


Mobility opening the door to new vulnerabilities, security enterprises need to adapt.

Not a one size fits all solution

Industry solutions for businesses of all sizes. A one size fits all solution is a myth.

Every organisation irrespective of size, budget and reach has the ability to protect, secure, monitor and locate the safety and security of data, people & assets in real-time. The well-being of all workers should be treated with the utmost care, and solutions should be made available to the many and not the few.

At Airacom we provide sophisticated, robust and pro-active answers to both real-time visibility of assets and people, and innovative way of connecting the field to the office. All companies operating within potential life threatening remote, hazardous and dangerous situations, should benefit from the use of industry designed solutions. And we achieve this within budgets irrespective of the size of your organisation.

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