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Motorola DP1400


The Motorola DP1400 is simple, reliable, cost-effective – and supersedes the highly popular CP040. This two-way radio is available as an analogue/digital radio (in VHF or UHF). And it offers all the benefits of the latest technology – from crisp, clear audio to greater coverage to longer battery life. Although primarily a digital radio, you can use the hybrid DP1400 with your current analogue system until you’re ready to go fully digital.

Easy-to-use and highly portable, this rugged radio suits the needs of small and medium sized warehouses, agricultural environments, security applications and light industrial use. The DP1400 is ideal for these conditions. For example, its noise-cancelling software filters out background noise so that users can easily hear every word.

Its intuitive design allows workers to make and receive calls in the dark, and the ‘Automatic Gain Control’ boosts the volume so that softly spoken staff can be heard without difficulty back at base. If the worst happens, employees can simply touch one of the programmable side buttons to call for help in an emergency. Converting to digital means your radio will operate up to 40% longer on the same battery. And you can fit twice as many calls into the same spectrum (using the ‘Dual Capacity Direct Mode’) to accommodate your growing business.

  • Analogue Only
  • Voice Communications
  • Voice Announcement
  • Weight 341 (grams)
  • Frequency 136-174 403-470 Mhz
  • Battery Life (19 hours) approx
  • IP65 Rated
  • Radio Management Suite Compatible
  • Motorola 1600mAH Li-ion Battery
  • Range 3km
  • Power Output (watts) - VHF - 5w UHF - 4w
  • Number of Channels (X16)

MOTOROLA DP1400 UHF Radio, Connecting the Project Site

Better manage field operations and increase operational efficiency, capture critical maintenance data and update everyone with Push-to-Talk communication

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Airacom can transform your business radio communications. Radio hire (short term and long term), digital two way radio systems, radio networks and maintenance are among our services. We offer a FREE consultation and help with your radio licence application. We supply and maintain all of the radio equipment you’ll need, plus we can offer finance packages if required. All of this to help make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Simple and affordable, the DP1400 portable two-way analogue/digital radio connects your workforce efficiently—and has the flexibility to grow with your business. By combining the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest analogue and digital technology, the DP1400 is perfect for the everyday user who wants to stay connected. Fully compatible with the MOTOTRBO family of radios, the DP1400 has superior audio quality, outstanding coverage, long-lasting battery life and more.

You can also choose the analogue-only DP1400 model, which gives you great voice communications today, with a path to crisp and clear digital voice communications when you’re ready. All you will need is a simple software upgrade.

Whatever your needs, the DP1400 provides a simple, reliable, cost-effective communication solution to help work crews connect, coordinate and collaborate to get the job done right. Improve the efficiency of your operation with easy-to-use voice communication that’s right for you.