Enterprise Mobility for 21st Century Rail Operators

With rail traffic forecast to grow each year, combined with demands for lower costs, great efficiency and improved safety. The railway industry has to meet some difficult challenges. Airacom offers a wide range of mobility solutions to rail technicians, engineers, maintenance and field-based workers.

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High demand for cheaper fares, greater efficiency and improved safety, the railway industry has to meet some difficult challenges

Intrinsically Safe Smartphones

Automotive mobility solutions, mobilise field-workers within hazardous areas.

Mobile Encryption & Security

Secure multi-layered security architecture and military encrypted voice calls and messaging.

Intrinsically Safe Tablets

Capture field-data with intrinsically safe zone 1 and 2 certified Android and Windows tablets.

IT Networking & PBX Solutions

Dedicated IT support and phone system solutions, break-fix and structured cabling.

Real-time location System

Accurately know exactly where people, assets and equipment are located in real-time.

Oil and Mining Logistics

Providing our industrial partners with logistics solutions to optimise their value chain.


Instant Push-to-Talk Over Any IP Network

Worldwide workforce management with instant Push-to-Talk communications over any IP Network.

Traditional radio systems are both limiting and costly. Switch to the Airacom PTT Platform and benefit from resilient networks, low latency and low costs.

Stay Competitive with Intelligent Data. Better Manage Rail Operations

We assist rail companies by improving their onsite and offsite communications, and the ability to capture critical data in the field, through engineer maintenance applications utilising the latest rugged mobile devices and workforce management solutions.

Our goal is to find solutions for rail companies which add value, increase efficiency, and aid in the flow of information from the field to the office. Extensive research, knowledge and active projects within the global rail industry, allows us to add value to rail organisations.


Manage Personnel Across Remote, Harsh and Hazardous Areas

Track, locate and manage personnel, vehicles and assets indoors and outdoors in real-time using Airacom AirGuard RTLS with Bluetooth (BLE) iBeacons, GPS and NFC Tags.

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Intrinsically Safe Mobility

Industrial Intrinsically Safe and Rugged Mobile Devices

Mobilise field-workers operating across remote, harsh and hazardous areas using the latest intrinsically safe tablet and smartphone devices.

Intrinsically Safe Mobility »

Real Time Location System

Real-Time Location System, Locate Personnel and Assets Everywhere

Accurately know exactly where your personnel, assets and machinery are located across Bluetooth, NFC and GPS infrastructure.
Mobile Voice and Messaging Encryption

Cyber Security Around Critical National Infrastructure

Run encrypted voice calls and messaging using the Innovation 2.0, leaving no trace or session content on the operators’ infrastructure or servers.