Zone 1, DIV1


IS320.1 intrinsically safe smartphone with keypad and touchscreen. Powered by Android 4.4 with, 3G GSM, WCDMA, WiFi and unlocked for global use.



Intrinsically safe Zone 1, Division 1


Mobile devices for all use-cases.


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IS320.1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone
Unlocked and SIM Free

IS-320.1 allowing connection to any network worldwide.

Rugged Display

2.4“ capacitive multi-touch screen. Made of extreme RugDisplay-Glass with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

Airacom Push-to-Talk

Airacom provides private PTT systems to enable secure communications between teams, managers and support staff.

Android for Business

IS-320.1 with Android 4.4. Run business critical applications in zone 1 hazardous locations.

Hazardous Area Working

IS-320.1 intrinsically safe smartphone for professional engineers.

Extending fieldworker capability across hazardous locations with the IS320.1 intrinsically safe smartphone. Order your IS320.1 today with a range of device options including with or without camera and Instant Push-to-Talk to better manage field operations.

Digital transformation across industries with global, intrinsic safety certification.

IS320.1 ATEX Android Smartphone

IS320.1 Explosion Proof Smartphone

Oil Rig Engineer Smartphone

IS320.1 Oil & Gas Enterprise Mobility

Airacom Instant PTT Platform

Developing an enterprise mobility strategy provides significant value across the oil and gas value chain. A mobile-first strategy impacts time spent. Reducing mundane tasks in engineer maintenance and inspection rounds. Increases overall productivity, safety and the ability to capture critical data throughout the project site.
Offshore Oil and Gas Smartphones

IS320.1 Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone

IS320.1 ATEX Mobile Phone

IS-320.1 Hazardous Area Smartphone

IS-320.1 Smartphone

Oil and Gas Enterprise Mobility

IS-320.1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone USB Power Adapter & Charger

Oil Rig Engineer Smartphone

IS320.1 ATEX Smartphone

IS-320.1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone.

IS320.1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

IS320.1 Explosion Proof Smartphone

AEGEX10 Tablet USB Cable Charger

IS320.1 Hazardous Area Smartphone

Oil Rig Engineer Smartphone

IS-320.1 Smartphone USB Cable & Power Adapter

Oil and Gas Enterprise Mobility

IS-320.1 Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

IS320.1 ATEX Android Smartphone

IS320.1 Android Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

Airacom Push-to-Talk. Seamless global connectivity over any 3G/4G LTE & WiFi network.

Traditional Radio Systems Provide Limiting Features

Standard DMR, PMR and TETRA radio systems are both limiting in coverage, costly to procure, run, maintain and support.

PMR Radio Coverage Push-to-Talk over Cellular
Worldwide PTT over 3G, 4G-LTE and WiFi

Switch to the Airacom PTT Platform and benefit from resilient networks, low latency and lower costs with world-wide coverage.

IS320.1 Smartphone specifications.

Designed for professional workers operating across some of the worlds most harsh, hostile and hazardous locations.

IS-320.1 Data Sheet
Android 4.4
32GB (up-to) via Micro SD-Card (optional)
3G (Worldwide)
Bluetooth® 4.0 NFC (HF 13.56MHz)
ATEX Zone 1/21
CSA Division 1
EAC Zone 1/21

Unified and flexible field-force solutions.

IS320.1 intrinsically safe smartphone with Android 4.4,  4G LTE, and WiFi with Hotspot. The IS320.1 explosion proof smartphone enables greater efficiency, and mobile working across some of the worlds most harsh and hazardous locations.

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Helping businesses develop and deploy industrial, intrinsically safe smart mobility.



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We can help you provide adequate lone worker protection across your entire workforce.

Unified and flexible group communications over any 3G, LTE & WiFi IP Network.

Hazardous Area Push-to-Talk

Collaborate across teams

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