Telo TE385

Industrial Push to Talk

Mobilise fieldworkers, engineers and service personnel with the TE385 3G PTT industrial cellular handset. TE385 is a 3G PTT over Cellular handset incorporates a high speed processor, running Android OS.

The non-display smart handset provides workers with access to business critical push to talk communication across any 3G or WiFi network.

Telo TE385

Mobility Standards

Compact size, industrial design, superior quality, and user friendly features makes the Telo PTT TE385 the ideal radio and push to talk solution with wide-area coverage. Crystal clear and loud sound, IP54 rugged, endurable body and a 3000 mAh polymer battery for long operation. TE385 is purposely built for professional workers operating across industries.

  • Entry level Push to Talk over Cellular
  • TE385 Supports GSM, 3G Networks
  • GPS for Positioning
  • Compact Size
  • Individual and Group Calling
  • One Touch Play Back
  • Channel Buttons
  • Exceptional Sound Quality
  • Alternative Solution to PMR
  • IP 54 Industrial Design for Ruggedness

Say hello to Airacom Leasing with Push-to-Talk Included

Making push to talk procurement simple with a buy now and pay over time. Convenient leasing options from Airacom, allowing you to use today’s innovative push to talk smart devices to mobilise fieldworkers and collaborate across teams and countries.

  • Lease from 3+ devices
  • Connect across teams
  • 3G & WiFi compatible
  • Rapid deployment
  • 24 month example
  • 3 year lease optional
  • 4 year lease optional
  • 5 year lease optional
  • Protect working capital
  • Equipment upgrades
  • 100% Tax deductible
  • Fixed rental payments
  • Fixed simple pricing
  • Quick deployment
  • Meet project budgets
  • Avoid upfront outlay

Terms and Conditions

  • Leasing is subject to credit approval and Anti Money laundering checks.
  • Leasing example is based on a UK business trading for over three years. Rates for other countries outside of the UK will change.
  • All lease agreements attract a charge of £140 + VAT documentation fee and £40 + VAT annual service fee.

Telo TE385 Powered by Android

Business Critical Push-to-Talk Over Any IP Network. The Telo TE385 industrial smart handset allows businesses to seamlessly communicate without boundaries and across countries.

Collaboration Across Borders

Push-to-Talk technology from Airacom powers business critical communications with instant, sub-second Push-to-Talk coverage over any 3G, 4G, LTE, and Wi-Fi IP network.

Telo TE385 with Push-to-Talk over Wi-Fi. Collaborate across multiple user groups, access true unrestricted wide-area coverage across countries.

We provide wireless communication solutions for hundreds of industries, connecting people data and machines.

Instant Push-to-Talk across any IP network.

Lone worker protection with Instant Push-to-Alert.

Real-time visibility with Dispatch Console.

Five applications for better workforce management.

Business critical solutions to mobilise workers with global coverage using any IP Network.

Enterprise mobility helps oil and gas companies reduce costs and make better, faster decisions.

Airacom is adding value through smarter digital technologies across the chemical industry.

Airacom is increasing its focus on mobility and digital transformation across ground maintenance.

Business Critical Push-to-Talk Over Any IP Network

Businesses choose Push to Talk as a service for improving employee productivity, reducing cost, improving safety and increasing customer service. Instantly connect colleagues, managers, foremen and field engineers within a single platform.