Instant push-to-alert.

Protect users-at-risk with Airacom’s Push-to-Alert with real-time notifications. Send emergency alerts from any mobile device to control rooms and dispatchers by pressing an SOS button.

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Instant Group Communication

For Android and iOS smartphones & tablets.

Global reach

Wide-area coverage over 3G, 4G LTE & WiFi.

Dispatch Console

Communicate & manage users from the office.
Oil and Gas Engineer

Lone worker protection for professional workers.

Lone working can affect employees at every level in almost any organisation. Companies of all sizes can benefit from a sophisticated lone worker safety system.

Meet your business obligations and protect users-at-risk.

Remote, hostile and hazardous area working, requires robust, instant communication and alerting. It requires systems to instantly notify supervisors and key personnel should any field worker require immediate assistance.

Real-time workforce communication.

Track and locate your entire workforce from engineers to aid workers and personnel operating across harsh, hostile and hazardous areas. Quickly locate your entire operation.

Supporting the work of international aid agencies, and first responders worldwide.

Automatic voice recording when alerts activated.

Whenever the dedicated SOS button is pushed, a notification is sent to your dispatch console in near real-time. The voice recording system turns on automatically. All steps in delivery, approval and treatment are monitored and recorded for later debriefing.


Workforce management solutions.


Instant push-to-talk.

A cost-effective, more flexible solution than private and public PMR, DMR & TETRA radio.

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Instant push-to-message.

Improve communication and collaboration with a direct channel to instantly reach colleagues in real-time.

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Instant push-to-locate.

Locate your field-force in real-time. Critical communications solutions to outpace your competition.

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Instant push-to-alert.

Workers at risk can send emergency notifications to control rooms and dispatchers by pressing an SOS button.

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