Airacom Solutions

Airacom focuses on cutting edge mobile challenges around intrinsically safe smartphones, real-time location (RTLS) and IoT within hazardous areas.


Tailored Mobility Solutions Across Industries

Airacom delivers tailored mobility and location based services to a diverse range of industries and sectors

Mobile Encryption

Military level encrypted voice and messaging communications software. Protect Your Personal Information and Business Secrets.

Real-Time Location System

Manage assets, people and vehicles across Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and Wireless Infrastructure. Connecting people, data and machines.

Alarm Control System

Critical Alarm Handling. Monitor any alarm. Safety alarms, panic alarms, fire alarms, staff safety and lone worker alarms.

Link Panic Buttons to DMR

Airacom panic button solution links discrete wireless panic buttons to digital radios used by security staff. Guard against workplace threats.

Lone Worker Protection

Equip your security teams, engineers, field-workers and health-care visitors with a robust lone worker protection system.

Location Based Services

An indoor positioning system (IPS) is a system to locate assets or people within a building in real-time. Visualise user location in real-time.


Massive growth of data volumes created by computing technologies commonly referred to as “Big Data” is driving the growth of the industrial internet. Discover how Airacom can add value from IIoT in your industry.

Just starting your IoT journey? Want to learn about implementations in your industry?

Airacom can help you learn how to secure and analyse data, and take advantage of the Industrial IoT to create productive, lasting business success stories.

Review potential use cases, and learn how other organisations are reaping the benefits by adopting a robust industrial internet of things, IIoT strategy.

Oil and Gas Smart Mobility

Connected oil and gas

By fully optimising the IoT solutions available, an oil and gas company with $50 billion in annual revenue could increase its profits by nearly $1 billion, according to a Cisco study.

Railway industry internet of things

IIoT is transforming the railway industry

The internet of things will have a major impact on the railway industry as previously seen in the transportation and logistics industries. High speed trains, tunnels and extreme weather conditions present real challenges.

Pharmaceutical Industrial Internet of Things

The pharmaceutical factory of the future

Data collected by internet-connected manufacturing equipment improves operational efficiency. Smart refrigerators able to sense and send a message to a smart phone or to the grocery store when the milk supply is low.