Dispatch Console

Push to Talk Dispatch Console
Real-Time Visibility and Event Management

The Airacom push-to-talk dispatch console providing real-time information on user activities, location history, alerts, messages and audio recordings of incoming and outgoing push-to-talk calls.


Instant Push-to-Talk over Any IP Network

The Dispatch Console can perform PTT calls for any other user of the group in the organisation as well as interrupt ongoing communications between users within the organisation.

  • PTT Session Priorities – Urgent Announcement sessions that can be established by Dispatchers only
  • Alarm events management – Handle incoming alerts and managing SOS priority calls / events
  • Geographical Fencing – Get notifications on staff entering/ leaving specific zones
  • Unified Management – Easily unify multiple sources of information


Workforce Management
Location, Presence and Status

Better workforce management. Run Push-to-Talk voice calls (one-to-one or group calls), track and locate users via the interactive map and use the Airacom dispatch console to provide user information on recent activities including messages, emergency alert management, presence visualisation, location history and audio recordings of all incoming and outgoing calls.