Instant Push-to-Alert


Instant Push-to-Alert
Remote Worker Safety System

Life threatening and hostile situations requires immediate action. Push-to-Alert raises alarms, notifies supervisors and in conjunction with instant Push-to-Talk and Push-to-Locate, identifies exact location and turns on the voice recording system automatically. All events and system logs are captured in real-time.


Immediate Notifications from Workers at Risk

Airacom’s Push-to-Alert safety system allows users at risk to send an alert notification from their mobile device to control rooms and dispatchers by pressing an SOS button via their smartphone or tablet.

  1. All interested parties are alerted in real time
  2. The dispatch consoles receive up-to-date location information
  3. The voice recording system turns on automatically
  4. Ambient listening is turned on upon dispatcher’s request
  5. The dispatcher traces the event until closure
  6. The system logs the entire emergency session



Workforce Management
Location, Presence and Status

Better workforce management. Run Push-to-Talk voice calls (one-to-one or group calls), track and locate users via the interactive map and use the Airacom dispatch console to provide user information on recent activities including messages, emergency alert management, presence visualisation, location history and audio recordings of all incoming and outgoing calls.

Efficient transpiration and logistics companies run Airacom’s dispatch console