Push-to-Talk Pricing

Simple, flexible Push-to-Talk pricing

Airacom instant push-to-talk platform with workforce management built for modern businesses

Need a solution for both instant voice, messaging and lone-worker protection? Pay only for the users you need with the service you require

Push to Talk over Cellular


A cost effective, more flexible solution than Private and Public Mobile Radio solutions.

Core platform Standard features

Instant Push-to-Talk

Private one-to-one calls

Instant conference calls

Low power consumption

Real-time presence

Lightening fast sub-500ms session setup

Instant Push-to-Message corporate messaging platform. Send discrete, private messages either one-to-one or to many across groups

> 100K+ Users

No Limit to number of call participants

Push to Locate


Tracks field users in real-time, allowing location based communication and management

Get all Standard features PLUS

Instant Push-to-Locate

GPS, AGPS, Cell ID tracking

Integrates with existing GIS systems

Push to Alert


Instantly notifies an organisation’s supervisor should any field worker require assistance

Get all Professional features PLUS

Instant Push-to-Alert

Permanent connection to reduce alert notification times

Instant Talk and full duplex communication in case of emergency

Used with Instant-Locate to provide automatic location information

Optional integration with Man-Down sensors

Dispatch Console

Dispatch Console

Provides real-time user activity, location history, alerts, messages and audio recordings of calls

Workforce management dispatch console

Instant Push-to-Alert

Monitor multiple staff locations, whilst managing calls

Multiple map types

Make calls directly from the dispatch console map

Manually detect user location in real-time

Stealth listening mode 'open the microphone' of any BB3G or supported headset to monitor potentially dangerous situations

Controller request talk/broadcast one-to-one or one-to-many


# Remove the Radio System
and Move Forward..!

Traditional two-way radio systems are both limiting and costly. Switch your radio system to Push-to-Talk over Cellular platform, and benefit from resilient networks, low latency and low costs.  Digital transformation across industries. Airacom is leading the way in Enterprise Mobility and Critical Communications solutions.