Attendance monitoring, shift planning.

AirGuard is a powerful, robust and highly-scalable indoor positioning, and outdoor tracking system. Unparalleled positioning and performance across indoor, outdoor and sub-surface environments.

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BLE Beacons

Employee indoor positioning system.

NFC Tags

Monitor employee tasks and locations.

Across Industries

Get your teams working in sync.
Attendance Monitoring App

Shift Planning and attendance monitoring with real-time clock-in and clock out’s

Employee attendance monitoring for companies of all sizes. The AirGuard real-time attendance application enables key personnel and managers to manage worker efficiency. Know when and where to deploy resources.

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Time attendance made simple, using any Android smartphone or tablet.

Monitor the movement of workers. Collect location and checkpoint data via NFC tags and Bluetooth iBeacons. Manage tasks one-time or repeating. Create mobile forms and attach images and audio data and manage shift attendance with clock-ins and clock-outs.

2-49 Users



95p per user / per day.

50-99 Users



82p per user / per day.

100-499 Users



62p per user / per day.

NGO’s & Charities



56p per user / per day.


Companies, teams, and businesses of all sizes use AirGuard in different ways.

The Android application and real-time location system’s core web-based platform provides flexibility, helps them deliver unique ways of workforce management, and delivers field-worker safety supporting individual business requirements around user location.

Bluetooth Indoor Positioning

Companies of all sizes can track user time spent on-site including arrival, exit and clock-in and clock-out’s with the AirGuard app.

NFC Location Tracking

Installing NFC tags at your remote sites, workers can clock-in and out of locations, record items serviced. Upload images of completed maintenance jobs, or show damaged equipment.

Airacom Location Tracking

Unify time attendance within the office, fixed premises, out in the field, and across multiple sites and regions. Reduce costs and increase efficiency with effective workforce management.


Automating the Process of attendance tracking and shift planning.

Tailored Mobility Solutions Across Industries. AirGuard time attendance and lone worker safety solutions are suitable across environments. From offices to healthcare, aviation, oil and energy and construction sites, using a simple, easy-to-use Android application which is compatible across the majority of Android smartphones and tablets.

Airacom AirGuard Task Management

Get your teams working in sync.


Instant push-to-talk.

A cost-effective, more flexible solution than private and public PMR, DMR & TETRA radio.

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Instant push-to-message.

Improve communication and collaboration with a direct channel to instantly reach colleagues in real-time.

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Location based services.

Collaborate track, locate and manage users indoors and outdoors with GPS, iBeacons and NFC tags.

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Task & form management.

Improve delivery time, effectiveness and relationships with tailored processes so your team works optimally.

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