Device Management

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Mobile Device Management with Throw Detect, Drop and Abuse Detection

AirGuard workforce management system with mobile device throw detect, drop and abuse detection. Better manage your Enterprise mobility through proactive user training, reduce mobile device RMA repairs and ascertain root cause.

AirGuard is for...

Companies, teams, and businesses of all sizes use AirGuard in different ways. The Android application and real-time location system’s core web-based platform provides flexibility, helps them deliver unique ways of workforce management, and delivers field-worker safety supporting individual business requirements around user location.


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Real-Time Location and Lone Worker Protection

Real-Time Location System (RTLS) provides immediate or real-time tracking and management of equipment, staff and assets across a wide range of industry sectors. Since our founding in 2007, we’ve become recognised in leading the way in mobility and real-time location-based (RTLS) services.

[block_title inner_style_title=”only_text” padding_desc=”” title=”Tailored Mobility Solutions Across Industries “]Lone working can affect staff at every level in almost any organisation. And lone workers can often feel at risk. We recognise that health and safety challenges vary across industries and locations. The flexibility of the AirGuard lone worker application, ensures your employees feel safe, secure and valued at all times.[/block_title][separator width=”100%” height=”1px” color=”#e1e1e1″ margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”px”]

Scale-able Lone Worker Safety System

Companies of all sizes can benefit from a sophisticated lone worker safety system. A scale-able real-time location system, from one to thousands of users. Add powerful workforce management modules to do more.

Lone Worker Tracking Everywhere

AirGuard lone worker protection system can easily integrate with existing IT solutions. Area-wide location monitoring, companies can easily capture location data from GPS, Bluetooth BLE beacons and NFC data tags. Indoors, outdoors, across regions.

Is Lone Worker Protection Necessary?

With an estimated 4.5 million working days lost due to non-fatal workplace injuries in 2015/16. We no longer face the question of whether organisations need to institute Lone Worker solutions, but how they should go about it.


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Intrinsically Safe Mobility

Industrial Intrinsically Safe and Rugged Mobile Devices

Mobilise field-workers operating across remote, harsh and hazardous areas using the latest intrinsically safe tablet and smartphone devices.
Real Time Location System

Real-Time Location System, Locate Personnel and Assets Everywhere

Accurately know exactly where your personnel, assets and machinery are located across Bluetooth, NFC and GPS infrastructure.
Mobile Voice and Messaging Encryption

Cyber Security Around Critical National Infrastructure

Run encrypted voice calls and messaging using the Innovation 2.0, leaving no trace or session content on the operators’ infrastructure or servers.