Critical Alarm Handling

Building management system automation and alarm control system (ACS), monitoring all alarm types effortlessly.

Alarm Control System (ACS)

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Alarm Control System for Critical Alarm Handling

The Airacom Alarm Control System (ACS), is a highly sophisticated panic alerting solution. Automatically monitor any alarm. Safety alarms, panic alarms, fire alarms, staff safety and lone worker alarms. Within seconds, the right person is notified. The alarm control system monitors a wide range of alarm sources via a standardised interface, and auto dispatching alarms via our refined scheduler.

Alarms are sent efficiently and directly to key emergency respondents, to the right skill sets and job-role functions so you have the most qualified attending critical emergency situations at the right time.

Within a few seconds an alarm being raised. The alarm control system notifies, security personnel and emergency respondents, who rush towards the place of incident. Guided by the information on their radios, smartphones or via a command and control room utilising the the Airacom alarm control system.

Alarm Control System Increases Safety, Reduces Cost and Improves Efficiency

The Alarm Control System (ACS) ensures that alarm management and notification is automatic, efficient and reliable. Dispatch alarms from any alarm source to your Airacom Smartphone, TETRA or DMR digital radio, DECT/WiFi phone, GSM mobile phone and email account

Employment Centre Alarm Control System

Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen operates a number of employment centres throughout the city. Their large, multi-story facilities were proving challenging for staff members who had concerns for their safety, dealing with potentially threatening clients who have recently lost their jobs and are in distress. This dynamic and unpredictable environment requires a reliable panic alarm notification system for rapid response from security guards should a violent situation occur.

Since the installation of the Airacom alarm control system, and panic button solution, “Employees feel much safer knowing they can call for help without clients noticing. Airacom offers a robust functional alarm control system with very detailed location information” Eif Moller, Managing Security Guard.

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Intrinsically Safe Smartphones

Intrinsically safe mobility is the backbone of any business operating within harsh & hazardous areas.

Mobile Encryption & Security

Secure multi-layered security architecture and military encrypted voice calls and messaging.

Intrinsically Safe Tablets

Capture field-data with intrinsically safe zone 1 and 2 certified Android and Windows tablets.

IT Networking & PBX Solutions

Dedicated IT support and phone system solutions, break-fix and structured cabling.

Real-time location System

Accurately know exactly where people, assets and equipment are located in real-time.

Oil and Mining Logistics

Providing our industrial partners with logistics solutions to optimise their value chain.

Aalarm Control System Features

  • Intelligent scheduler matches the scheduled worker competencies to those needed to respond to triggered alarms
  • System priorities alarms to optimise the use of available resources
  • Alarm escalation ensures alarms are escalated to the next appropriate person if an individual declines or fails to respond
  • Listens to alarms from multiple sources
  • Always active and provides automated coverage 24/7
  • Notifications sent via the alarm control system can be simultaneously sent to multiple variations of device or technology:
    • Emails
    • DMR/TETRA Radios: Text Messages and/or Audio Alerts
    • Android Devices: SMS and/or Audio Alerts
    • GSM Phones: SMS and/or Audio Alerts
    • DECT/WiFi Phones