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Optimise your business operations. Agile startups with mobile-first strategies are mounting a challenge for your customers, disrupting industries and capturing market share.

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Industrial & Explosion Proof Mobile Devices

Intrinsically Safe Industrial & Explosion Proof Mobile Devices

For decades, hazardous environments have been relegated to paper and clipboard. Today, Airacom provides cutting-edge intrinsically safe mobile solutions globally certified for safe operation across Ex hazardous locations.

Latest Industrial Mobile Devices


Mobilise your Workforce

Mobilise your Workforce

It’s how you work that’s important, not where. We put secure, flexible working at the centre of your organisation. Helping businesses develop industrial, intrinsically safe mobility, and deploy mobile solutions with simplicity.

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Protect your Team

Protect your Team

Protecting your team in a competitive workplace. Providing adequate protection for lone workers is not a nice-to-have, it is your legal responsibility.

Lone Working Safety System


Secure your Network

Secure your Network

We provide essential consultancy, mapping client security needs, guiding them towards the right solutions and assisting with their implementations on mobile, network and cyber threat detection.

Network Security & Mobile Management

Airacom focuses on delivering business critical communications solutions across industries.

Adoption of new technologies only occurs when economic savings, ease of use, and trust are aligned and demonstrated. Airacom is delivering advanced, next-generation business critical, and mission critical communications and connectivity solutions to the masses. Our focus is to solve fieldworker challenges associated with remote and field-working.

Lightning fast sub-second Push-to-Talk platform brings instant communications to millions of businesses.

With team orientated instant communications, you can collaborate faster using the Airacom critical communications platform with group-wide voice, messaging and presence from a single app to better coordinate teamwork.

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PTT Ecosystem

Seamlessly manage remote workers with business-critical communications indoors and outdoors across network technologies and infrastructure.


Tracks field users in real-time, allowing location based communication and management.


Instantly notifies supervisors should any field worker require assistance.

Dispatch Console

Providing real-time information on user activities, location history, alerts, messages and audio recordings.


Business SMS platform for real-time messaging and delivery between any fixed PC-based or mobile users.

Platform Pricing

Push-to-talk platform with workforce management built for modern businesses.

AirGuard Task Dashboard

Control work in real-time with the AirGuard RTLS system

Get real-time data and visibility across all of your fieldworkers, tasks and maintenance jobs. Efficient companies now leverage real-time data to make informed business decisions.