Protect your Team

Protecting your team in a competitive workplace. Providing adequate protection for lone workers is not a nice-to-have, it is your legal responsibility.

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Consulting overview

Our clients ask us to help them develop systems and processes to protect their staff through robust safety systems and workforce management solutions. Providing critical solutions around the safety and security of lone workers and remote working, leading to greater productivity, increased protection and compliance.

Businesses today need to take a much broader and more dynamic approach to risk management, health and safety and employee safety. Corporate manslaughter legislation and regulatory environments you operate within demand it, as do your customers, suppliers, investors and stakeholders. Our health and safety consultants have acted on behalf of a diverse client base. Providing both advisory and professional services establishing your needs and tailor making our service to fit you. We can assist in documentation required in risk assessment, staff data collection and training to make your lone working implementation as easy as possible.

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A world where employees face
diverse challenges, increasing risks
and safety issues

The focus of our business is driven by a desire to place the concept of ‘resilience’ as central to our critical communicaitons service platform. We reject the buying and selling of security as a commodity, and instead focus on addressing specific challenges our customers face.


Industrial & Explosion Proof Mobile Devices

Intrinsically Safe Industrial & Explosion Proof Mobile Devices

For decades, hazardous environments have been relegated to paper and clipboard. Today, Airacom provides cutting-edge intrinsically safe mobile solutions globally certified for safe operation across Ex hazardous locations.

Latest Industrial Mobile Devices


Mobilise your Workforce

Mobilise your Workforce

It’s how you work that’s important, not where. We put secure, flexible working at the centre of your organisation. Helping businesses develop industrial, intrinsically safe mobility, and deploy mobile solutions with simplicity.

Learn How-To Mobilise your Workforce


Protect your Team

Protect your Team

Protecting your team in a competitive workplace. Providing adequate protection for lone workers is not a nice-to-have, it is your legal responsibility.

Lone Working Safety System


Secure your Network

Secure your Network

We provide essential consultancy, mapping client security needs, guiding them towards the right solutions and assisting with their implementations on mobile, network and cyber threat detection.

Network Security & Mobile Management

Define governance with Enterprise mobility, to better manage people policies and processes

Airacom is an enabler of change. Allowing all business to adopt a truly mobile-first strategy by harnessing the power of critical communications and secure working solutions. In an ever mobile workforce, modern companies of today must embrace change to drive employee productivity, and enable business innovation to maximise profitability and gain greater efficiencies. They must also protect and secure their network from cyber risks, threats and security breaches.