BT To Shut-Down Traditional Network

BT To Shut-Down Traditional Network

BT To Shut-Down Traditional Network

  • Posted by Airacom
  • On 23rd August 2016
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Time to think about VoiP for you Business Phone System

BT Openreach have stated that they intend to shut-down their ISDN telephone network and migrate services from traditional telephony, to internet-based voice calls (VoIP) by 2025

Airacom’s Reaction: This may seem like a long time before you need to make a decision about which business phone system to switch to? Or make the conscious decision to switch and migrate your business phone system services over to  a Hosted Cloud-Based VoIP system. Switching to more sophisticated VoIP technology should be a priority for any businesses.  With funding and upgrades on traditional lines set to gradually decrease. VoIP helps businesses to streamline their communications with the primary aspect of removing the physical phone lines and reducing the restrictions around call capacity and location.

Benefits of VoIP:
– Free Calls to Local / National and UK Mobiles
– Cheaper Line Rental Charges
– Networking Data & Voice Infrastructure together
– Portability of any UK Telephone Number, without requiring to be within the same geographic location as the area code of the number
– Scalability to have as many lines as you require with the flexibility to increase/decrease without an engineer visiting your premises

Small, Medium & Enterprise Telecoms:
Our clients are diverse, from the very large to the very small. From leading oil and gas companies, to Government departments and military bases, right down to the smallest companies operating within London’s Portobello Road. Airacom supports a range of Enterprise telecoms across business Lines, Calls, Broadband and Phone Systems, and we average 36% savings when auditing our clients fixed-line and mobile telecoms bills.

Intrinsically Safe Smartphones

Intrinsically safe mobility is the backbone of any business operating within harsh & hazardous areas.

Mobile Encryption & Security

Secure multi-layered security architecture and military encrypted voice calls and messaging.

Intrinsically Safe Tablets

Capture field-data with intrinsically safe zone 1 and 2 certified Android and Windows tablets.

IT Networking & PBX Solutions

Dedicated IT support and phone system solutions, break-fix and structured cabling.

Real-time location System

Accurately know exactly where people, assets and equipment are located in real-time.

Oil and Mining Logistics

Providing our industrial partners with logistics solutions to optimise their value chain.