LTE POC Devices

Near Global Coverage

Improve worker safety and increase communication and collaboration with LTE PoC radios offering near global-coverage

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Rugged LTE PoC Devices

Replace your traditional two-way radio with near-global multi-network coverage over any 3G, 4G LTE, 5G and WiFi public or private network

Trade in and trade upĀ 

We can buy back your two-way radios so that you can upgrade to the latest LTE PoC radios with near-global coverage

Use Cases

Evolve retail operations delivering better customer experiences

In the office, on the shop-floor or on the move, retail outlets of all sizes benefit by switching to Airacom LTE PoC radios allowing internal and external teams to connect, work and collaborate effortlessly

LTE POC Devices

Security firms require operational flexibility, connecting geographically dispersed teams. LTE PoC radios offer near-global coverage

LTE PoC Devices

Global police forces are switching to LTE PoC radios for maximum coverage with the highest security and data encryption to protect their officers

LTE PoC Radios

Transport companies are looking to cut costs with LTE PoC devices and smarter web-based dispatching and sensor integration

LTE Poc Radios

Authorities are switching to Push to Talk radios to keep teams in touch with services, parking control, waste management and maintenance teams

LTE PoC Radios

Healthcare establishments, hospitals and nursing homes are switching to LTE PoC Radios for confidence in emergencies that staff can be reached

Push to Talk Radios

Sporting events, festivals, entertainment and filming crews use Airacom push to talk radios for speed of setup, coverage distance and Covid-19 friendly