Intrinsically Safe Smartphones

Zone 1 Division 1

Evolve your field operations to maximise productivity and workforce safety when you empower teams with the latest intrinsically safe smartphone mobility.

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Airacom Sensor Integration

Maximise communication and collaboration across harsh, hostile and hazardous locations

Instant communications at a push of a button with a range of intrinsically safe smartphones to improve collaboration across your organisation while protecting your workforce.

#1. Replace Two-Way Radios

Run Airacom APTT wide area push-to-talk app with an intrinsically safe smartphone to cut down two-way radio costs

#2. Run Enterprise Apps

Empower engineers with access to critical information, capture data in the field and reduce manual processes

#3. Enhance Workforce Safety

Use location tracking and emergency notification apps for intrinsically safe smartphones to protect workers

#4. Improve Device Security

Improve cybersecurity, information confidentiality, integrity and availability using apps and security policies


Intrinsically safe smartphones to better manage projects, track tasks & collaborate from anywhere


Connect people and assets to deliver increased operational efficiency and workplace safety

We build critical communications software for agile teams operating across geographically dispersed areas or working remotely using intrinsically safe smartphones to overcome industry challenges.

Intrinsically Safe Smartphones

Intrinsically safe smartphones for zone 2, division 2 hazardous areas where explosive gas atmospheres occur in normal operation

Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

View the complete range of hazardous area smartphones with global certifications, compatible with Airacom Push to Talk group communications

Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

To survive and grow, companies must compete on a technological front for faster, more proactive decision making

Intrinsically Safe Smartphones

Best-in-class atex mobile phones and industrial ATEX smartphones designed to mobilise your workforce in ATEX, IECEx, CSA hazardous areas

Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

Streamline mining operations with Airacom instant push to talk group communications and the Smart-Ex 02M mining smartphone

Intrinsically Safe Smartphone

Ground handling teams use next-generation intrinsically safe smartphones to speed up turn-around times


Upgrade to Airacom APTT with the latest intrinsically safe smartphones

Trade in your two-way radio or intrinsically safe smartphones and upgrade to Airacom APTT with near-global coverage over any 3G, 4G LTE, 5G or WiFi network.

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Intrinsically safe smartphones and business critical communication solutions for global industries

We help create industries of the future through digital transformation. Helping businesses migrate legacy systems to the latest explosion-proof smartphone and push to talk communications to prioritise safety, reduce costs, and collaborate more effectively.