Intrinsically Safe Smartphones

Zone 1 Division 1

Explosion-proof hazardous area smartphones are designed for professional workers to maximise communication and collaboration while operating across some of the worlds most harsh, hostile and hazardous locations

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Explosion-proof devices for Zone 1, Division 1 hazardous areas

What are zone 1 hazardous areas? Areas in which an explosive gas atmosphere regularly occurs in normal working operation

Evolve your field operations to maximise productivity and workforce safety

Embed Professional Push to Talk

Adapt and transform as a mobile operator with advanced solutions to increase your subscriber base and add more data revenue

Outpace your Mobile Competitors

Offer your customers more choice with added value and advanced communication solutions to outpace your competition

Operational Technology (OT)

Modernisation and digitisation rely on effective communication, collaboration and data visualisation

Intrinsically Safe Tablets

Need a bigger device? – Checkout our intrinsically safe and explosion-proof tablets for Zones 1, 2 and Division 1

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Evolve your operation to offer a better customer experience

In the office, out on-site or on the move. Airacom hazardous area smartphones allow internal and external teams to connect, work and collaborate effortlessly

Hazardous Area Smartphone

A system to boost productivity and profitability across your service business. Instant PTT communication using the latest explosion-proof smartphones. Streamline collaboration and fieldworker safety

Hazardous Area Smartphones

Outpace the competition and address your most complex and critical challenges. Upgrade ground handling teams to next-generation hazardous area smartphones. We can give you six reasons why

Hazardous Area Smartphones

Boost productivity and profitability upstream, downstream and midstream with instant communication and collaboration to streamline work and improve safety when using hazardous area smartphones