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Increase teacher and pupil safety in education.

Data from the NASUWT indicates that 1 in 10 teachers are threatened with violence by pupils with 6% of teachers being subjected to physical violence in the last year.

Unacceptable levels of abuse in the classroom.

More than one in 20 teachers (6%) surveyed by the NASUWT said they had been subjected to physical violence by pupils in the past year. And one in 10 said they had received threats of physical violence from students, while nearly four in 10 (38%) had been subjected to verbal abuse from those they teach. Only around four in ten (42%) of those teachers who said they had faced any kind of abuse from a student said their school dealt with it in a satisfactory manner.

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Deterioration of pupil behaviour is a national problem.

Year on year it is very evident there is a national problem in the deterioration of pupil behaviour within schools and the need to protect both teachers and pupils from threats and physical violence. Dr Patrick Roach, NASUWT General Secretary stated “a robust approach to dealing with incidents of verbal and physical abuse against staff should be embedded in every school” safeguarding both teachers and pupils.

Read the DFE report

Airacom push to talk devices for education.

Empower your mobile workforce with the right tools to communicate and collaborate to help get work done faster, safer and more effectively.

Robust safety solutions for teachers & staff.

  • Connected campuses
    At a touch of a button keep teachers connected across larger colleges and university campuses.
  • Facilities and security 
    Provide grounds, building maintenance and security staff with dedicated talk groups and collaboration channels.
  • Alarm notifications
    Provide teachers and staff with the means to raise alarms and notify colleagues in critical and emergency situations.
  • Rapid lockdown procedures 
    While uncommon in the UK both teachers and pupils must know how to respond in a lockdown event.
  • Effective fire evacuation 
    Airacom push-to-talk is an effective solution for fire marshals to radio in as they sweep through every room.

Want to increase collaboration & safety?

We can help you build a robust approach to increase safety and collaboration within your school. Talk to our team about running a demo, or discuss your schools’ requirements.

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Replace your outdated walkie talkies with Airacom.

Talk to us and get some advice on our push-to-talk radios for your school. We can arrange a demo of our system and provide some pro-active advice on school communicaiton and keeping your staff and pupils safe.

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