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Mobile Trends Across Sub-Saharan Africa

Enterprise Mobility, Unlocking Operation Success

Mobile data subscriptions will grow, and networks will transform to manage a growing and more demanding population. This growth and transformation will lay the foundation for IoT, the Internet of Things across the region. Between 2016 and 2022 mobile subscriptions will grow to over 68%, 1 billion subscriptions, a penetration rate of approximately 105%. Regional economy will grow faster than the global average over the next few years.

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Expected growth across

Sub-Saharan Africa by 2022


Monthly mobile traffic in Sub-Saharan Africa (PetaByte)


Mobile data traffic will increase more than ten-fold by 2022


Cellular IoT connections in Sub-Saharan Africa with explode in millions by 2022

Over 40 LTE Networks In 25 Countries

Across Sub-Saharan Africa

Mobile data traffic volumes will multiply more than ten-fold during this period, with cellular IoT connections expected to grow at a rate of 38% (CAGR) from 2016 to 2022. The growing reach and speed of mobile data networks can unlock the potential of the internet of things to shape across the region.

A collaborative IoT ecosystem required to transform every aspect of life in Sub Saharan Africa. Today, approximately 57% of the population is below the age of 15. This young population will drive mobile subscription growth, in excess of 5GB per smartphone by 2022. A growing urban population will also drive technology transformation, with a strong demand for mobile broadband services including LTE.

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2016 & 2022 Mobile subscriptions will grow to over 1 billion subscribers


Population under the age of 15


HSPA / WCDMA growth per annum to 2022


Expected mobile-data growth per annum

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