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Keeping engineers communicating with effective group communication across remote, harsh and hazardous locations

Airacom provides a unique Enterprise perspective on solving client mobility needs as a leading integrator of intrinsically safe and explosion-proof communications and data devices across industries.


Connectivity and communication is the backbone of any business. For the majority of us, access to networks and the ability to communicate with people and systems are taken for granted. For many businesses operating across remote, harsh and hazardous locations, group-wide instant communications is a challenge.

Mobile devices must be designed tough, capable of operating across extreme conditions and temperature fluctuations. Mobile devices must meet global intrinsic safety standards with explosion protection certifications for use across some of the worlds most hazardous locations with the build-up of hazardous gases, vapours, mists or dust.

Airacom ‘APTT’ delivers expanded services, increased productivity, and unified business-critical group communications to outpace your competition and address your most complex and critical challenges with high availability and georedundant architecture for cloud or on-premise deployments. In dangerous environments, safety is not just a priority; it is a requirement. Airacom’s ecosystem of mobile devices and carrier-grade multi-network group communications platform for private one-to-one and group calls over any 3G, 4G LTE, 5G WiFi, and Satellite IP network delivers ubiquitous borderless communication.

Oil and energy companies require innovation without disruption, surfacing real-time data for faster, more efficient insights boosting efficiency. Airacom APTT workforce management platform will unify your field and back-office operations. Our solutions add value to your operations, workforce safety and assets with the least effort, expenditure and time. We help you maximise the flow of information from the field to the office, surfacing critical insights from advanced IoT and Sensor data directly within our dashboard, providing comprehensive voice, data and video services for teams.

The oilfields greatest challenge is staying connected


Hazardous area smartphones with instant push to talk, messaging, alerting and user presence notifications

We’re changing the world of mobile communications and workforce management with a carrier-class platform, over any IP network.

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