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Coronavirus impact on hotels and push to talk social distancing solutions.

Coronavirus has a profound economic and social impact focusing on hotel operators to review digital innovations to improve hotel guest experiences.

Airacom develops a next-generation push to talk two way radio system enabling hotel operators to deploy Covid-19 safety measures around staff intimacy and proximity while improving the overall hotel experience with fast and efficient service delivery.

With the wide-ranging measures implemented by various countries (international travel bans, domestic movement restrictions, and quarantines), the European Commission has recognised the Hotel and Leisure sector as one of the hardest-hit sectors by the COVID-19 outbreak. Traveller perception of safety and security in the destinations and modes of transport is critical to increasing hotel occupancy rates and the overall viability of a hotel’s operation.

Designing safer spaces to reassure employees and guests is a top priority for hotel managers to mitigate both the risk and impact of SARS-CoV-2 for staff and customers within a hotel complex. Reorganisation of critical processes, operations and introducing innovative technologies will allow for faster and more efficient service delivery, keeping staff connected and collaborating while social distancing.

At a push to a button, staff can communicate and collaborate across teams, both one-to-one or across talk groups with multiple members or the whole team using Airacom ultra-fast push-to-talk group communication. Since the 16th March 2020, when the prime minister announced, “now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact and travel, ” many guidelines and recommendations have been published around social distancing.

Improved onsite communications between staff can benefit from utilising Airacom’s reliable push-to-talk group communications platform to comply with social distancing regulations and benefit from safe work practices when relaying critical messages between staff members and guests.

Some of the benefits Airacom APTT offers hotels and resorts 
  • Connected teams 
    With wide-area 3G, 4G LTE, 5G and WiFi at a touch of a button keep all teams connected across larger hotel complexes and resorts
  • Facilities and security 
    Provide grounds, building maintenance and security staff with dedicated talk groups and collaboration channels
  • Alarm notifications
    Provide all staff with the means to raise alarms in critical and emergency situations with SOS alarm alerting and notification
  • Operational supervision 
    Dedicated communication between managers and operations staff across every department to increase customer satisfaction and the guest experience

Working Safely During Covid-19

Analysis of the hospitality sector during coronavirus (COVID-19) with a focus on the most recent easing of restrictions in spring 2021. Includes details of how the sector has performed and the future of employment in hospitality.

Review ONS coronavirus hotel impact
Hotel Industry Covid-19 Impact

Social distancing push to talk devices for safer hotel and resort operations

Empower your mobile workforce with the right tools to communicate and collaborate to help get work done faster, safer and more effectively.

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Instant communication keeping teachers and staff informed, collaborating and safe with near national coverage

Modernise your legacy systems with an intelligent platform for school and multi-site team collaboration and communication. Airacom business-critical push-to-talk, leading the way in mobility.

School Two Way Radio Hire
Nurseries and pre school

Effective classroom to office communication, playground supervision, car park monitoring with dedicated talk groups 

School Two Way Radio Hire
Schools and colleges

Focus on teacher department collaboration with enhanced security and safety measures to protect students and teachers

University Walkie Talkie Radios
Universities and higher education

Larger college and university campuses with multi site locations require joined-up communications and effective security measures

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