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Slips and trips remain the single most common cause of major injury in UK workplaces. Every year in the hospitality industry there are hundreds of major accidents caused by slips and trips.

Worryingly hospitality and retail workers have experienced increasing levels of violence in recent years with Covid-19 intensifying conflicts directed towards workers.

NFU Mutal flags fears of heightened abuse directed towards retail and hospitality staff which is being further exacerbated as businesses come out of lockdown. The commercial insurer surveyed 2,000 people and found that 40% of UK customers have witnessed a staff member suffer verbal or physical abuse within the workplace. The research further revealed that 60% of customers have experienced increased anxiety visiting a retail or hospitality venue over the past year causing an increase in risk for customer-facing staff. Despite ongoing cause for concern, almost half of businesses surveyed by NFU Mutual are not taking adequate measures to minimise the risk of workplace violence.

The hospitality sector reports many major injuries every year 

Beyond the obvious human costs, accidents also cost money and time – people off work, material costs and damage to buildings, equipment or products. It is important to manage health and safety because it:

  • Prevents injury and ill health to your employees
  • Contributes to a content and productive workforce
  • Makes economic sense by reducing accidents and their costs

Training is crucial to protecting staff

  • We help train your people
    Using Airacom APTT is not just about deploying software and hardware. We provide effective training and resources to help our clients build critical skills to get the most out of Airacom products.
  • Hold regular drills 
    From fire safety drills and evacuation training, it is critical for hotel managers to regularly train their staff and keep them updated on procedures so that they are mentally prepared for all situations protecting themselves and protecting their guests.
  • Assign clear roles and responsibilities 
    Increase confidence and reduce staff panicking when critical situations arise by making sure each staff member understands their role and responsibility during emergencies.
  • Use employee communication solutions 
    Use Airacom Push-to-Talk for one-to-one and group communications at a touch of a button, or communicate via instant messaging. Allow your staff to raise critical alarms using our dedicated SoS and panic buttons.

How can Airacom benefit my hotel operation?

We develop innovative group communication solutions enabling teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively across large teams and buildings. Our instant voice, messaging, location and emergency alerting software can replace the need to use two-way radio (walkie-talkie) systems providing hotels and resorts with effective workforce management solutions compatible with most Android, iOS and Windows devices.

  • Wide-area coverage 
    Airacom APTT is not limited to traditional two-way radio frequency limitations in distance, building design and interference. Our platform utilises mobile carrier infrastructure and is compatible with all public and private networks.
  • Connected teams & departments
    At a touch of a button enhance your guest’s experience and keep teams collaborating from reception to housekeeping, bar & restaurant and everyone in between.
  • Facilities and security 
    Provide grounds, building maintenance and security staff with dedicated talk groups and collaboration channels to monitor the safety of your employees and guests.
  • Alarm notifications
    Provide all staff with the means to raise critical alarms and notify colleagues in emergency situations. Emergency notifications can be distributed to specific colleagues, talk-groups and displayed within our centralised dispatch console for your back office staff to monitor and manage.
  • Rapid lockdown procedures 
    Intruder, disruption or terrorism, all staff must know how to respond in lockdown events and communicate effectively to protect the wellbeing of your guests and your employees.
  • Effective fire evacuation 
    Hotels can be large and complex due to size, layout and number of guests occupying the building at any given time making fire evacuation challenging. Airacom push-to-talk is an effective solution for fire marshals to radio in as they sweep through every room updating and alerting everyone within a dedicated talk group.

Managing risk in hospitality

Protect your valuable personnel and understand risk

Review HSE managing hotel risk
HSE Managing Risk in Hospitality

Push to talk devices to manage lone working, emergency alarm and panic button scenarios

Empower your mobile workforce with the right tools to communicate and collaborate to help get work done faster, safer and more effectively.

Talk to us and get some advice on our push-to-talk radios for your school

We can arrange a demo of our system or provide some advice based on your schools requirements.

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Instant communication keeping staff informed hotels operating effectively with near national coverage

Modernise your legacy systems with an intelligent platform for hotels and multi-site resorts. Airacom business-critical push-to-talk, leading the way in mobility.

Hotel Push to Talk Group Communication
Hotel communications

Connect your teams with wide-area 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G and WiFi for network redundancy and distribute critical group communications across departments

Maintain covid-safe operations

Airacom push-to-talk enables instant collaboration between staff whilst maintaining social distancing without needing to share devices

School Two Way Radios
Foster collaboration with messaging

Communication does not have to be verbal. Allow teams to collaborate silently to issue tasks, requests, stock or food supplies or confirmations of job completions

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