Educational Institutions

Solving communication issues in schools, colleges and universities, allowing teachers and staff to talk, listen, and help solve day to day challenges and critical situations at the time it matters in real-time.
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Communication in higher education poses significant challenges for teachers and staff as colleges and universities are often large and complex organisations, with many thousands of employees and students across multiple buildings and campus sites impacting collaboration and safety

Education Push to Talk Communications

Group communications platform for nurseries, schools and higher education

Airacom APTT is an effective multi-channel group communications platform encompassing voice, messaging, location and alerting as a communications layer connecting teachers, staff and classrooms.

School Two Way Radio Hire
Nurseries and pre school

Effective classroom to office communication, playground supervision, car park monitoring with dedicated talk groups 

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School Two Way Radio Hire
Schools and colleges

Focus on teacher department collaboration with enhanced security and safety measures to protect students and teachers

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University Walkie Talkie Radios
Universities and higher education

Larger college and university campuses with multi site locations require joined-up communications and effective security measures

Push-to-Talk in Education Brochure

Group communications keeping staff informed, collaborating and safe with near national coverage

Collaborate across teams and time zones with Airacom APTT business-critical push to talk platform with high availability and scalable up to one million users.


At a touch of a button, keep teachers connected across larger college and university campuses


Provide teachers with a means to raise alarms in critical and emergency situations with an SOS alarm and panic button


Enhance the security and safety across the school and campus with instant collaboration via dedicated talk groups


Connect teachers and classrooms with dedicated talk and messaging groups for private 1-2-1 and group conversations


Dedicated communication between staff at school events, out of school trips, sports days or playground supervision


Monitor school transportation and provide safe, secure communications between drivers, teachers and back office teams


Group communication keeping teachers and staff connected across larger college and university campuses or on school trips worldwide


Provide grounds, building maintenance and security staff with dedicated talk groups and collaboration channels


Helping educational institutions become more effective through innovative digital transformation, enhancing collaboration, safety and boosting productivity

Outpace the competition and address your most complex and critical challenges. Modernisation and digitisation rely on effective communication, collaboration and data visualisation.

Airacom APTT Push to Talk

Connect teachers and classrooms across larger college and university campuses with dedicated talk groups

Airacom APTT Unified Messaging

Allow teachers to collaborate in groups, privately, with admin, or request support and materials without leaving the classroom

Airacom APTT Location Services

Monitor school transportation and provide effective communication between driver, teachers and office for safety and emergenies

Push to Talk Security and Encryption

Create safer places to learn and work using technology to increase school security and workforce safety in emergency situations

Airacom APTT API Integration

Surface school CCTV into a single command console for effective estate security and monitoring

Airacom APTT Connect IoT and Sensors

Take building management to the next level with smart IoT and sensors integrated for real-time data insights

Airacom APTT AI Integration

Behind every teacher is an IT professional. We help education solve real world challenges using AI

Airacom APTT Blockchain

Distributed ledger to improve record keeping, increase efficiency and secure diplomas and certificates


Surface data

Critical communications requires critical data, analytics and business intelligence across your technology stack to make informed decisions

Airacom Industrial IoT and Sensor Integration

Bring data into your organisation from databases to sensors and IoTs for reporting and analysis

Airacom CCTV Integration

Integrate your CCTV for unified distribution and analysis from a single console and combine AI

Airacom Building Management IOT Integration

Management and control of security, monitoring and maintenance across your building

Location Push to Talk Communications

Monitor the location and status of school transportation, teachers and field trips with alerting

Unlimited Support

Get unlimited support and a dedicated account manager with APTT ONE

We focus on providing essential business services and enhanced technical support with disaster recovery and two-hour system resolution for all APTT ONE customers


Enterprise mobility use cases

To gain competitive advantage the education sector must update legacy systems for advanced cloud computing, software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and streamline business processes.

Create and maintain a secure learning environment

Better respond to unexpected and everyday incidents whilst safeguarding teachers, staff and pupils with emergency alerting, SoS panic alarming and dedicated emergency talk groups.

Foster collaboration and joined-up communications

Teachers and staff can communicate across the campus with near unlimited coverage using Airacom APTT, removing the limitations of traditional walkie-talkies.

Hazardous Area Smartphones

Best-in-class enterprise rugged devices allowing staff to operate effectively while mobile

School Two Way Radios

Push-to-Talk enables instant group communication between staff whilst maintaining social distancing

School Two Way Radio System

Teachers are being subject to unacceptable levels of verbal and physical abuse in the classroom

School Walkie Talkie Radios

Security solutions designed to empower educational instituations for smarter more effective monitoring

School Push to Talk Group Communications

We hire LTE radios and rugged smartphones for short-term and long-term deployments

School Push to Talk Radios

Wide-area school transportation and bus communication between driver, teachers and admin


Keeping the education sector agile and secure with enterprise mobility

Aircom provides a cost-effective way for educational institutions to procure devices with near national and international coverage.