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The simple definition of a Lone worker
is someone who works by themselves
without close or direct supervision.

This could range from someone that works long periods alone in a warehouse to an office worker that stays behind late after work. Both of these workers are equally vulnerable due to the fact that they are working alone.

Unforeseen accidents could result in injuries and in worst case scenarios, death. Take a minute and think how often you or your workforce are alone whilst at work? What if you are trapped, attacked or knocked unconscious? How long will it take for your colleagues to raise critical emergency assistance or even find you?

Key health and safety statistics

Great Britain 2016 – 2017


1.3 Million working people suffering from a work-related illnesses


31.2 million working days lost due to work-related illness and workplace injury


14.9 billion estimated cost of injuries and ill health from current working conditions (2015/16)

"What are the best personal alarms
& apps for me, my organisation
and my lone working employees?”

Can you ensure your employees safety no matter where they work? Airacom’s mobile solutions provide everything you need to keep your workers safe across any industry or environment.


Instant Push-to-Alert


Instant Push-to-Locate


Dispatch Console


Airacom RTLS System

Keep individual workers safe.
Monitor your workforce with
our lone worker safety app

Airacom real-time location system (RTLS), Push-to-Locate and Push-to-Alert provides the capability to track employees, assets, equipment and vehicles in real-time either via outdoor GPS or indoor positioning via Airacom’s pre-installed Bluetooth beacons.

Our software alerts the users you most require to receive emergency notifications and the relevant response teams in the event a worker has not checked-in within a specified time. It will guarantee engineers safety while they are operating in potentially remote, hazardous locations or travelling between locations and dealing with potentially volatile situations.

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