Remote and home working.

Your business is facing fundamental challenges from both inside and outside the organisation. Keep your business moving forward with the right technology enabling remote and home workers to be more effective.


Equip your home workers with more than just video conferencing

Without the right tools, remote working can have a negative impact on employee productivity. Additionally, if remote workers are lacking in enthusiasm and not receiving the essential support they need to be efficient and effective, the knock-on effects for your business will quickly become apparent.

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What are the challenges of remote and home working?

Lower job satisfaction

Remote workers often feel they are not able to be productive because they don’t have access to the right information, contacts and tools when they are away from the office.

Interruptions & distractions

The obvious challenges for remote workers are interruptions and distractions. Ensuring stress-free technology to ease the transition back into work mode is crucial.

Poor customer service

This is particularly a problem because remote workers equipped with legacy communications equipment often can’t be easily contacted when they need to be, or they don’t have the right information at hand to deal with a customers issue.

Increased security risk

Commonly because employees end up using non-approved consumer apps to communicate or to store information, as it’s simply easier.

Important decisions delayed

When key people are away from the office, or poor decisions are made because people don’t have access to complete information. Ensuring colleagues are well connected when at home, or wherever is crucial to make the flow of conversation constant.

Consolidate comms

There are many (landline, mobile, voice, video and text) apps and technologies to connect you to your clients. This year, look at consolidating and streamlining them all using omnichannel Unified Communications to deliver a consistent service to customers no matter how they make contact.

Simplify collaboration

Empower your employees anywhere and everywhere by giving them tools that support collaborative working. The ability to share information and work on data together allows them to be more productive – and helpful to your clients. Finding ways to share data around the business will unlock new opportunities and help your employees to increase productivity.

Think outside the office

The modern workforce is increasingly mobile and you need reliable ways to stay connected with your team. Unified Communications allows you to seamlessly communicate using the most appropriate channel at any given moment, no matter where you are in the world. It will also help you to meet employee demands for increased flexible working.

Free up IT budget

Take the opportunity to consider how much of your current IT spend is “dead money”, propping up systems that frustrate your employees and limit productivity. What is the cumulative cost of IT spend and lost productivity? This will help you properly quantify the benefits of future investment in comms and collaboration tools.

Enable effective remote working.

Cloud Business Phone Systems

Hosted phone systems have long replaced traditional desk phones and taken advantage of today’s high speed broadband and mobile technology. Combine desk phone and smartphone app when working remotely.

Business Mobile Services

Traditionally businesses have been limited to the types of mobile airtime packages available. As teams work from home, their mobile services change. Get unlimited voice, messaging & data.

PTT Group Communications

Airacom’s leading push-to-talk group communications platform turning your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet into an effective walkie-talkie with voice, messaging, location and alerting with near-unlimited global coverage.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Free calls, enhanced call control features and carrier-grade infrastructure. Maximise value from your Teams environment. Many businesses that utilise Microsoft Teams for internal collaboration can now benefit from the ability to make and receive calls.

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Collaborate across teams and time zones with Airacom APTT business-critical push to talk platform using the latest hazardous area tablets with near-global coverage over any IP network.

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Meet the challenges of a distributed workforce with secure, flexible group communication for teams. We’ll help you and your employees to connect and collaborate from virtually anywhere using our leading push-to-talk group communications platform.

Business broadband.

Our high-quality business Broadband is designed exclusively for the business market, offices and homeworkers.

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Phone + broadband.

Get connected and save your business money with high speed fibre and cloud phone system package.

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Fast fibre broadband.

Converge voice and data on a single Broadband connection and enjoy super-fast productivity boosting internet speeds.

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Flexible home working.

Get your business working smarter with solutions to enable effective remote working for the modern workplace.

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Private ethernet networks.

Connect multiple sites with next generation networking using our MPLS-based WAN for security, reliability and performance.

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Software defined WAN.

Get total visibility and control over your network with enterprise-grade SD-WAN to serve your applications differently.

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SoGEA business broadband.

Available to more than 95% of premises across the UK, SoGEA provides the ideal solution to the 2025 Openreach PSTN switch-off.

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Business mobile broadband.

Ultra-fast mobile Broadband and cellular WiFi access points to work seamlessly and securely in the field, office or at home.

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Government gigabit scheme.

The UK government Gigabit scheme offers SMEs a grant of £2,500 towards an efficient, reliable and ultrafast lease line of up to 1Gb.

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