Run business-critical application over Airacom’s high capacity, low latency WAN services with uncontended high bandwidth access.

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SD-WAN’s offer higher capacity bandwidth, centralised management, network visibility and multiple connection types.


Quicker to deploy, days, not weeks and offering longer-term savings when compared to traditional WAN and MPLS.


Deliver your apps faster via the cloud with the highest levels of application performance and security.


Neutralise malicious threats or malware in real-time with rock-solid security across your multisite.

What is SD-WAN?

A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture that allows enterprises to leverage any combination of transport services – including MPLS, LTE and broadband internet services to securely connect users to applications.

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Cloud Business Phone Systems
Cloud Business Phone Systems

How does an SD-WAN benefit my business?

Times have changed, and companies are using the cloud and subscribing to software-as-a-service (SaaS). While users traditionally connected back to the corporate data centre to access business apps (backhauling traffic), they are now better serviced by accessing many of those same apps in the cloud. Removing latency, while not impairing app performance.

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Why switch to Airacom's advanced network services?

We can help you take control of your communications with agile multi-site network solutions based on SD-WAN, traditional Multiprotocol and Switching (MPLS), or a hybrid of both. Our solutions allow companies to expand and contract networks when required while benefiting from a cost-effective, high-quality service for all business-critical applications.

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Cloud Business Phone Systems

Welcome to the fibre frontier.

The next generation of connectivity is here, with cost-effective superfast business broadband. Take your business to another level with ultra-reliable and superfast fibre broadband.

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Four key features

Achieving SD-WAN ROIs.

Building a use case

The adoption of cloud-based infrastructure, for both storage and applications, means that demand for bandwidth grows in line with the usage of these services, especially if these applications live in the public cloud.
Moreover, key enterprise applications such as Unified Communications (UC) are becoming richer and more sophisticated, placing greater demand on the network in terms of latency and bandwidth.
Video is arguably the biggest driver. The multi-device, multi-application trend pervasive in business today means that users are consuming more rich media in both a personal and business capacity, sucking up the bandwidth on their smartphones and tablets; placing additional demands on the underlying infrastructure that wasn’t necessarily designed for this new rich mix of competing application types and styles.
But it’s not just consumer applications that are to blame. More and more enterprises have adopted video for conference calling and remote working, and a sudden burst of simultaneous usage can have a knock-on effect on latency-sensitive applications and result in a negative experience all around.

1. Hardware replacement

SD-WAN hardware should make dedicated routers redundant by allowing direct termination of incoming wide area services. It should be noted that at the moment very few manufacturers offer direct DSL termination, so the minimum expectation should be for Ethernet and 4G/LTE capability.

A key consideration here, is understand if by removing the hardware you also find carrier service levels are reduced. Note most carriers use edge termination devices to proactively monitor the connection. Removing this may leave them reactive only to service issues.

2. Traffic control and visibiity.

The central orchestration platform should allow dynamic distribution of traffic across multiple WAN connections based on the needs of applications as well as on rules using IP addresses and specific circuits. It must also be circuit-agnostic allowing Internet, MPLS and other flavours of the circuit to be used.

3. Network segmentation.

It should automate the creation of wide-area segments, allowing the easy separation of business units or different application traffic types for increasing security, performance and compliance. Don’t assume all services are equal in this area – understand the use and application beyond the vendor’s feature name.

4. Integration of additional services.

It should support service chaining by integrating with WAN optimisation controllers, firewalls, web gateways, cloud providers and security devices and solutions.

Connectivity for business.

Smarter working, more agility, better security.

With digital transformation high on the agenda, today’s businesses are looking to improve productivity, increase collaborative team working, attract more diverse talent and speed up business decisions.

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