Hazardous Area Push to Talk Radios

No ringing and no waiting for an answer, Airacom hazardous area push to talk radios provide instant communications, ensuring field teams and engineers are informed, safe and collaborating at all times.

Buy or Lease Ex PTT Radios

Push to talk two way radios for oil & gas, aviation and hazardous areas are essential to meet health and safety compliance for lone workers and incident management

LTE Smart Devices

Instant communication is essential in the event of medical emergency situations and incidents. Airacom two way radios provide near-national coverage with no ring delay for time critical decision making.

Lease hazardous area two way radios on flexible terms from six months to five years

Aircom takes the hassle out of hazardous area push to talk radio procurement with flexible leasing terms. Talk to our team today to see how we can help you evolve your outdated two-way radios and benefit from leading communication solutions.

Radios for Teams

Airacom push to talk two way radios for teachers and support staff working alone

Secondary school staff are three-times more likely to face violence at work than the average worker, with statistics from the UK labour force survey revealing an average of 8,000 attacks on school staff over a six-year period.

Protect teachers against:

  • Risk of Attack and Violence
  • Operating and Working Alone
  • Risk of Medical Incident or Emergency
  • Evacuation Procedure or Serious Incident

Airacom push to talk two-way radios help teachers and staff effectively manage risk and gain assistance through instant voice, message or learning without delay.

School Two Way Radios
Intrinsically Safe Devices

Group communication keeps teams connected across larger sites. Find out which mobile devices are best suited to your project and hazardous environment

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School Two Way Radios
Emergency SoS Notification

Remote workers and field teams require resources to raise immediate alarms, notifications or escalate help from emergency situations or critical illness

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School Two Way Radios
Lone Worker Protection

Indoors, outdoors, driving or remote. Workers operating without direct supervision or alone are classified as lone workers and must be protected and able to summon help

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School Two Way Radio Hire

Hazardous area push to talk radio hire from 1 to 5 years with APTTONE Cloud

  • Discounts for multiple devices
  • Near national coverage over any 3G, 4G, 5G or WiFi network
  • Lone worker, SoS and emergency options available
  • Track drivers, and transportation optional
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#1. Airacom APTTONE Cloud

Everything included in one business plan supported and managed, scalable up to 1-million users

Business APTTONE Cloud
#2. Unified Messaging

Share secure and encrypted messages, photos, and files one-to-one or across multiple users

Push to Message
#3. User Location

Employee monitoring to increase safety, employee management and optimise client engagement

Location Monitoring
#4. SoS Alerting

Protect your workers, contractors and your support staff with a sensible approach to health and safety

Emergency Alerting
Emergency Alerting

Hazardous area push to talk radios to summon a response in emergency situations and critical incidents at the touch of a button

For field teams and support staff operating both on and off-site. The ability to raise critical alarm notifications in emergency situations is paramount to keeping personnel and assets safe and functional.

Airacom Push to Alert
Why Airacom Push to Talk?

Eight reasons to use Airacom Push to Talk, more cost effective and flexible vs PMR, DMR & TETRA radio

Schools, colleges and universities are under constant pressure to enhance the safety and efficiency of both students, teachers and staff. Airacom push to talk school two way radios are the ideal solution for use in education to improve safety, teamwork and efficiency.


Ultra-reliable carrier-grade push-to-talk school two way radio platform with high availability and scalability


Remove the need for traditional two-way radios and use Airacom school push to talk on nearly any device


Secure cloud, fully managed on AWS global infrastructure with redundant servers, 24x7x365 monitoring and more


End-to-end encryption, secure authentication, authorisation, data encryption, transport-level security


Wide-area multi-network coverage over any 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, WiFi or Satellite IP network for resilience


Fast sub-second secure session setup for superior call connection and automatic WiFi and Cellular switching


Hire push to talk school two way radios connect teams and groups across campus sites with unlimited talk-groups


Highly scalable and flexible, APTT Cloud can have you operational in hours with minimal upfront investment

Team solutions, hazardous area push to talk communication for oil and gas, aviation and chemical companies

Digital transformation for industries wanting smarter more efficient ways to connect and communicate. We help teams across industries run and manage their operations more effectively with instant push-to-talk radio hire.

School Two Way Radios
School Demo Trial Licences

Looking to change or upgrade your school two-way radios? Why not demo or trial the Airacom APTT push to talk solution today.

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Hire Two Way Radios
Short and long term walkie-talkie hire

We provide schools, colleges and universities push to talk school two way radios on flexible radio hire plans from one week to multi-year terms.

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Two Way Radio Hire
Flexible two-way radio rental options

Install our app on your devices or use one of our dedicated push-to-talk school two way radios for facilities management.

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