Rental as a Service

Push to Talk Rental

Need a device for business use or for your event? – We hire LTE radios and rugged smartphones for short-term and long-term Push to Talk deployments

Airacom Sensor Integration

Why Hire Push to Talk Radios?

Speed. Coverage. Security. Hire team communications solutions for big events, small events, corporate events and multiple sites. We provide next-generation PTT offering a new world of opportunities

Push to Talk LTE Smartphone Hire

Replace your ageing legacy two-way radios with LTE rugged smartphones offering near-global coverage and 0% finance rental

Airacom Push to Talk Platform

Organisations require critical data, analytics and business intelligence with data integration of sensors, IoTs, CCTV and CRM

Short and Long-Term Radio Hire

Clients, resellers and channel partners benefit from short and long-term LTE fleet radio hire, with devices offering more vs two-way radios

0% Interest Reseller LTE Fleet Hire

PoC radio fleet solutions for resellers and channel partners. Replace your two-way radio fleet with wide-area LTE PoC Radios

Global industries we work with

We help create industries of the future with the modernisation of mission-critical group communications and workforce management solutions to prioritise safety, reliability, and availability