Intelligent Two Way Radio Communication for Hire, Rental & Lease.

Increase collaboration and teamwork with a professional two way radio communications system. Improve customer service, staff collaboration and workforce safety.

Transform how you communicate with Airacom push to talk.

Hire two way radios from Airacom and benefit from a wide area push to talk group communications system . Our collaboration platform eliminates costly delays and missed calls.  Gain instant one-to-one and one-to-many voice, messaging and video group communication. Increase productivity in your business and protect workforce safety in real-time.

Why hire two way radio communications for events and businesses?

Short-term two way radio hire is an ideal low-cost solution for teams to communicate essential messages across larger groups and workforces in a single broadcast. Two way radio increases productivity and removes the need to contact people individually. Airacom two way radio hire requires no capital outlay. Allowing organisations to pay for the duration and services they need. All of our radio hires come with outstanding support and service as standard.


How does a walkie talkie differ from a regular smartphone or Whatsapp?

Busy teams and remote workers often need to communicate critical and sometimes life-saving information instantly. It is not always feasible or practical to dial a number and wait for a call to be answered. Equally, it is not always professional to open an application and scroll through a list of users to relay urgent information. Radio hire walkie talkies are pre-configured with all of the users and radio channels. They are easy to use, robust and provide instant communication to hundreds or thousands of users seamlessly.

What are the main benefits of a two way radio hire solution?

Airacom provides a wide range of hire radios and walkie talkie rental solutions to businesses across the UK, Ireland and Europe. We supply exhibitions, conferences, sporting events, charities and businesses of all sizes and industries. All of our short range walkie-talkies and ultra-long distance Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) radio rentals come with unlimited talk groups (channels), free shipping, free collection and dedicated support.


Products & services

4G LTE push to talk radio hire

Benefit from long distance radio communication using mobile network infrastructure for speed and reliability.

Explore business broadband

Hazardous area portable radios

Hazardous environments require ATEX certified radios designed for explosive oil, gas and dust atmospheres.

Explore bundle options

Radio hire for education

Pupil and teacher safety is paramount. Gain greater oversight across estates and classrooms.

Explore business fibre

A better way to collaborate

Foster workplace excellence with an internal collaboration platform for voice, messaging, video and location.

Explore ethernet networks

Short term and long term two way radio hire when it matters.

Short-term radio hire from the smallest project to the largest event. Every organisation and event is different. But what does remain consistent is our flexibility and commitment to providing tailored two way radio rental solutions to fit your budget and scope.

  • Radio hire from one day to multiple months
  • Free shipping and collection
  • Unlimited talk-groups & channels
  • From 2-2K radios delivered nationwide
Short term two way radio hire Barking

Professional radio rental in more than 200 UK towns and cities.

We’ve been hiring radios for events, charities, businesses and local governments for over a decade. Our experience in radio communications combined with our UK radio hire presence gives us an advantage. We care passionately about our customers and provide nationwide radio hire across the UK and Ireland.

  • Rental remains fixed for the lease agreement
  • Rental payments are 100% tax deductible
  • Your valuable working capital is protected¬† ¬†
  • Simple upgrades as often as you require
Long term two way radio hire Barking

Fast next day and same day two way radio hire solutions

Our radio hire team are here to help you every step of your radio hire journey. From provisioning to tailored radio hire setups and system architecture. Through our network of fast couriers and motorbikes, we can get your radio hire delivered at speed.

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