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Taking Staff Safety to the Next Level
Bluetooth ID Badge with Panic Button

Bluetooth ID Badge which functions like a regular ID Badge with a difference. Our ID badge connects seamlessly with your Android Smartphone. The built-in panic button on the back of the badge enables discrete 24/7 positioning and panic alerting taking staff safety to the next level.

Bluetooth ID Badge is for...

Companies, teams, and businesses of all sizes use Airacom Alarm Control System in different ways. Alarm control systems increase user-safety, reduces employee management costs and improves efficiency and visibility in the event of an emergency situation.


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For Field Workers, Patients, Pupils
and Staff Requiring Effective Wireless Panic Alerting

1. Any standard ID card or access control card will work with the Bluetooth ID Badge.
2. The design of the badge allows the card to slide in easily.
3. The Bluetooth Badge and ID card is combined in one smart solution.
4. On the back of the Bluetooth Badge you will see the discretely and strategically placed positioning and panic alerting button.
5. If an emergency arises, one short press triggers an alarm through the Bluetooth RTLS positioning network.

Employment Centre Panic Alerting »

[block_title inner_style_title=”only_text” padding_desc=”” title=”Lone Worker Bluetooth Badge”]Combining 3 technologies in the Bluetooth ID Badge, staff are safeguarded no matter their location[/block_title][separator width=”100%” height=”1px” color=”#e1e1e1″ margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”px”]

Built-in Bluetooth

Allows the Bluetooth Badge to be located using the functionality of the Airacom RTLS system. In this way organisations will know where their employees, visitors or lone-workers are in the event of a distress situation, or should an accident or emergency arise.

Bluetooth Badge Panic Button

Discretely located on the back of the badge. One short press triggers an alarm through the Bluetooth RTLS positioning network. When an alarm is raised it will automatically be sent to colleagues, security or other rescue teams allowing quick assistance with clear information about the exact location of the event.

Low Power Warning

The Bluetooth ID Badge has a rechargeable battery. When the battery gets low on power a warning will be sent to the employee on their mobile phones, email or even on their computer screen.


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