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The risks of working alone

Statistics from the British Crime Survey have indicated that as many as 150 lone workers are attacked every day, both physical and verbally. Working alone is a daily occurrence for almost 6 million people across the UK. Companies have a duty of care to protect all lone workers, irrespective of fixed-site, public facing, or mobile lone workers.

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Lone workers attacked (per day)
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Real-time location and lone worker protection system.

Lone working can affect employees at every level in almost any organisation. Companies of all sizes can benefit from a sophisticated lone worker safety system, protecting both the lone worker & organisation. 


Push to talk dispatch console with location & alerting.


Real-time indoor & outdoor lone worker system.

AirGuard RTLS

Location & alerting system for man-down lone worker situations.

Man-Down System

AirGuard RTLS System Features.


NFC or iBeacons as Checkpoints

Collaborate track, locate and manage users indoors and outdoors with iBeacons and NFC tags.

Task Management System

System for one-time, repeating and scheduled tasks, including task description and time of completion.

Mobile Forms

Create form templates using a mobile device. Completed forms are automatically recorded and report ready.

Attendance Monitoring

Manage time on site, employee clock-in’s and clock-out’s and maintain accurate shift planning.

Remote Device Management

Manage mobile devices remotely. Pair and restrict devices in addition to device application to the AirGuard system.

KPI Engine

Track user key performance indicators (KPI’s) Track user minimums either reached, not reached or violated and act.

Lone Worker Functions

Inactivity, angle alarm, shock detection, wakefulness, GPS tracking with history and remote volume management.

AirGuard Notifications

Real time location app with up-to 40 types of events with notifications via email, dashboard and dynamic SMS.


Geofencing (Checking GPS mobile device position), Leaving of the region forbidden, Region with access denied.


List of all activities and events displayed in list along with consolidated PDF reports from Logs with all events and photos.

AirGuard Sensors

Collect data with supported SNMP protocol and threshold settings. Sensor widgets on dashboard with actual values.

Users Management

Web-portal access to patrols and attendances with permission management for users and groups.

AeroSierra PTT Compatible

AirGuard is compatible with AeroSierra Push-to-Talk communications platform.

Alarm Events Management

Handle incoming alerts and managing SOS priority calls / events.


Receive notifications on staff entering/ leaving specific zones.

Unified Management

Easily unify multiple sources of information.