Secure your network.

We provide essential consultancy, mapping client security needs, guiding them towards the right solutions and assisting with their implementations on mobile, network and cyber threat detection.



Push-to-Talk with near unlimited coverage.


Mobile devices for all use-cases.


Great deals for your business.

We help you better understand the range of cyber risks facing your organisation.

Our clients ask us to help them develop systems and processes to protect their staff, assets and investments against a wide range of sophisticated threats. Given the proliferation of cybercrime, cyber risk is an ongoing concern for all organisations irrespective of size.


Secure business critical communications.

The focus of our business is driven by a desire to place the concept of ‘resilience’ as central to our critical communicaitons service platform. Benefit from near global coverage over any 3G, 4G LTE and WiFi IP Network addressing specific challenges our customers face.




per user / £84 year.




per user / £120 year.




per user / £168 year.




per console / £480 year.

Challenges vary across industries, and can be specific to an organisation.

As technology continues to advance, and the need for companies to deploy smart devices increases, so does the potential for increased cyber threats. Many companies either do not have or cannot justify an in-house team of security experts, easily outpacing a companies ability to manage their networks and IT infrastructures against the associated risks.

Dynamic approach to risk management and threat detection.

Businesses today need a much broader, deeper and more dynamic approach to risk management and threat detection. The competitive, technological and regulatory environments you operate within demand it, as do your customers, suppliers, investors and stakeholders.

Consultative approach to threat detection.

Our security consultants have acted on behalf of a diverse client base. Providing both advisory and professional services across penetration testing, security planning, site portfolio reviews, computer forensics, intelligence programme development and post incident investigations.

See the IS520.1

Securing, recovering and analysing data, to reduce business risk.

Our focus is providing a full range of digital investigation, cyber security and threat detection services. Adapting to the unique requirements and individual needs of our clients across many industry sectors from corporate to governmental and critical national infrastructure. Our operations span across the UK, Europe and the Middle East, where we are able to operate at a moments notice to facilitate your requirements.

See the IS520.1
eProcurement made simple.

Purchase industrial and rugged smart-mobility from the comfort of your desk.

Better than two-way radios.

Traditional PMR, DMR and Tetra radios offer limited features, switch to smart LTE POC radios.

Automatic voice recording.

The voice recording system turns on automatically when Push-to-Alert SOS button is pressed.

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