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Bluetooth Beacons Provide Contextual
Location Data Increasing Workforce Productivity

Use Bluetooth beacons across security and patrols. Place beacons around buildings to ensure security teams are patrolling the right areas. Increase asset visibility within hospitals and pin-point exact location of critical equipment. Strategically place atex beacons on rigs, oil and gas or chemical sites to locate workers within designated hazardous areas for safe evacuation.

Indoor Positioning is for...

Companies, teams, and businesses across sectors use indoor positioning to innovate faster and provide greater levels of service. The Android application and real-time location system’s core web-based platform provides flexibility, helps them deliver unique ways of workforce management, and delivers field-worker safety supporting individual business requirements around user location.


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Automating the Process of Attendance Tracking and Shift Planning.

With real-time attendance tracking, know the status of your workers immediately, if they are clocked-in or out, and centrally manage the attendance policies and shift planning across multiple locations using the AirGuard browser-app from any internet connected PC.

Our dashboard displays the shift status of all active personnel, providing real-time information of all clock in’s and clock out’s, the status of users and the ability for you to define how many users are required per shift and in which location.

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Intrinsically safe Bluetooth beacon. Surface mountable or easily adapted on the optional available mounting plate. Bluetooth 4.0 fully compatible with currently popular smartphones & tablets and can be recognised by smartphone and tablets over a distance of up to 200 meters. The beacon signals can be evaluated by the mobile device via individual applications and, in this way, interact with the user or other programs.


  • ATEX / IECEx Zone 1/21
  • NEC / CEC approval
  • Compatible with BT Low Energy from version 4.0
  • Range inside buildings up to 30 m, outdoors up to 200m
  • Possibility to change important operating parameters “over the air”
  • Open firmware for individual BLE profile development (TI CC2541)
  • IP64 Stable UV-resistant enclosure (can also be used outdoors)
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If you are building simple proximity applications start with Proximity Beacons – the most popular beacons on the market. They support both iBeacon™ and Eddystone™. For touch experiences, they also have NFC built in.


  • Lifetime: 2 years
  • range: 70 m
  • Packets: iBeacon™ or Eddystone™
  • Features: Motion & temperature sensor, NFC
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For indoor location, IoT prototyping or enterprise-grade deployments choose Location Beacons – the most robust beacons on the market. They support multiple packets, mesh networking, and have built-in sensors.

  • Features: Lifetime: 5 years
  • Range: 200 meters
  • Packets: 8 simultaneously (iBeacon™/Eddystone™)
  • Features: 5 sensors, NFC, mesh, GPIO, 1Mb EEPROM
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Stickers are the world’s smallest beacons. They have built-in sensors and advertise connection-less telemetry data. Tiny form factor makes them great for smart objects and nearables prototyping.

  • Features: Lifetime: 1 year
  • Range: 7 meters
  • Packets: iBeacon™ or Eddystone™
  • Features: Temperature, motion
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Mirror is our completely NEW product. It’s the world’s first video beacon. When connected to any screen it will show personalised and contextual user content. It’s compatible with our SDK and Airacom Stickers.


  • lifetime: endless (USB-powered)
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Packets: 2 simultaneously (iBeacon™/Eddystone™)
  • Features: WiFi, HDMI, communication with smartphones, monitoring beacons and stickers
[block_title inner_style_title=”only_text” padding_desc=”” title=”Tailored Mobility Solutions Across Industries “]AirGuard time attendance and lone worker safety solutions are suitable across environments. From offices to healthcare, aviation, oil and energy and construction sites, using a simple, easy-to-use Android application which is compatible across the majority of Android smartphones and tablets.[/block_title][separator width=”100%” height=”1px” color=”#e1e1e1″ margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”px”]

Track Time Spent On-Site

Companies of all sizes can track user time spent on-site including arrival, exit and clock-in and clock-out’s with the AirGuard app.

NFC Time Tracking Workforce Management

Installing NFC tags at your remote sites, workers can clock-in and out of locations, record items serviced. Upload images of completed maintenance jobs, or show damaged equipment.

Improve Efficiency, Reduce Risk

Unify time attendance within the office, fixed premises, out in the field, and across multiple sites and regions. Reduce costs and increase efficiency with effective workforce management.


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Intrinsically Safe Mobility

Industrial Intrinsically Safe and Rugged Mobile Devices

Mobilise field-workers operating across remote, harsh and hazardous areas using the latest intrinsically safe tablet and smartphone devices.

Intrinsically Safe Mobility »

Real Time Location System

Real-Time Location System, Locate Personnel and Assets Everywhere

Accurately know exactly where your personnel, assets and machinery are located across Bluetooth, NFC and GPS infrastructure.
Mobile Voice and Messaging Encryption

Cyber Security Around Critical National Infrastructure

Run encrypted voice calls and messaging using the Innovation 2.0, leaving no trace or session content on the operators’ infrastructure or servers.