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Fully supported 4G & 5G construction site WiFi

Short-term and long-term construction site broadband fully supported routers deliver the data you need to keep your construction site safe, connected and collaborating.

Get the best industrial mobile construction site broadband for construction site offices, portacabins and storage areas. Airacom equips construction sites with advanced 4G and 5G routers, ensuring seamless coverage and connectivity for maintaining safety and teamwork on today’s fast-paced sites.

Construction IoT

Close the Connectivity Gap

We focus on helping construction companies across the UK deploy rugged, industrial broadband routers to solve on-site connectivity challenges. Our deep industry knowledge, reliable supply network, and technology enable you to close the connectivity gap.

Broadband Construction Site IoT
4G & 5G Routers

Boost your team’s efficiency and teamwork with the RUT9 Series routers for secure construction site broadband.

Flexible Contracts

We tailor custom tariff plans to suit your business needs, ensuring flexibility without the burden of long-term contracts.

4G & 5G Data SIMs

Benefit from fast 4G & 5G data SIMs vital to connect your onsite teams and devices for security and efficiency.

No Install Needed

Our construction site WiFi is plug and play, requiring no engineer setup or installation, it’s that simple.


RUTX12 Cellular Router

The industrial RUTX12 cellular router is an ideal construction site broadband router, featuring dual LTE Cat 6 modems for uninterrupted connectivity and load balancing—essential for mission-critical work where constant connection is a must.

Dual LTE

Cellular speeds up to 600 Mbps with dual simultaneous LTE CAT 6 connections

Dual SIM

Instant failover switching for seamless construction broadband connectivity

WiFi & BT

Wave-2 802.11ac Dual Band WI-FI and Bluetooth LE for fast reliable connectivity

Load Balancing

The RUTX12 allows multiple WAN sources to increase throughput

RUTX12 Industrial Router Construction WiFi

Up to X150 simultaneous connections

Wireless mesh 802.11s and fast roaming 802.11r

VoIP passthrough supported H.323 and SIP-alg

Ideal for large and small construction sites


TSW200 Switch

The TSW200 is an advanced unmanaged industrial switch, equipped with 2 SFP ports for extensive Fiber-optic range and 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports compatible with and IEEE802.3at PoE standards. As a Power Source Equipment (PSE), it centralises power distribution, offering up to 30 watts per port, simplifying installation and power setup for robust, high-speed network configurations.


8 x PoE+ ports with, 802.3at standard support

SFP Ports

2 x SFP ports for long-range Fiber-optic communication


8 x Gigabit Ethernet with speeds up to 1000 Mbps


DIN rail and surface mounting options

TSW200 Switch Construction Site

Easy setup with plug and play just connect devices

PoE to eliminate separate cables for power and data

Gigabit Ethernet for high-speed connections

IP30 ingress protection rating

Construction site broadband

4G & 5G Data SIMs

In today’s fast-paced construction industry, reliable and high-speed internet connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity. 4G and 5G data SIMs have emerged as game-changers, providing construction sites with the connectivity they need to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and achieve project goals.

Data Only

Enhancing construction sites with flexible connectivity for devices, enabling seamless data flow

Voice & Data

Equip construction sites and teams with essential voice and data collaboration to improve safety

M2M & IoT SIMs

M2M and IoT SIMs boost construction site efficiency with real-time monitoring and remote management capabilities

Multi Network

Maintain continuous data communication and benefit from unparalleled data connectivity and resilience across your project site

Construction 4G Data SIMs

Short-term and long-term data SIM plans

Access cloud-based project management systems

Enhance construction site safety by connecting teams

Improve decision-making and data collection

Broadband push to talk radios

PoC Radios

Construction site Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radios offer expansive communications coverage with near-national 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi networks. Our technology ensures construction teams can stay connected across vast areas, facilitating instant, clear, and reliable communication to enhance on-site coordination and safety.

Short-Term Hire

Quick to deploy, easy to use and offers multi-mode cellular and broadband connectivity

Long-Term Hire

Long-term PoC radio hire for Broadband and cellular radios on long term construction projects

PTT Location

Attendance monitoring with location, presence and position logging for workforce management

PTT Alerting

SoS emergency alerting with immediate alerts for urgent response and crisis management

Construction PoC Radios

Near unlimited coverage over any cellular and WiFi networks

Instant communication without dialling a number

Connect teams with unlimited talk-groups

Improve productivity and construction site safety

Construction site printers

Managed print service

Printing is an essential part of any construction site. Still, it can also be a major source of frustration and inefficiency due to the lack of reliable internet connectivity, making it difficult to operate printers, photocopiers, and plotters. Aircom MPS offers a managed print service using the RUTX12 router and TSW100 unmanaged switch to deliver robust and secure printing for construction sites of all sizes.

A4 & A3 MFDs

Printers are essential for producing construction blueprints and documentation on-demand at the worksite.


Copiers are indispensable on construction sites for duplicating essential documents and plans with speed and clarity.


Plotters deliver precise, large-scale map and architectural plan printing for successful project execution.

Airacom MPS

Airacom managed print service (MPS) ensures efficient, document management for construction firms.

Construction Site Printers

Print and copy construction blueprints and documents

Provide staff and visitors with safety training material

Increase construction site efficiency with Airacom MPS

Print-IT and software to increase document security

Unified communications

Construction VoIP

Aircom delivers critical communications with robust construction site broadband, enabling VoIP for construction sites in the UK to improve productivity, safety, and collaboration. Use our high-speed cellular broadband for construction sites large and small.


Construction site VoIP enables instant and easy communication to and from construction sites


As your construction site or company expands, you can quickly add more VoIP users or SIP trunks


Our construction VoIP can be used on desk phones, laptops and smartphones for maximum flexibility

30-Day Rolling

Need the flexibility of VoIP without the long term commitment? We have you covered with 30 day rolling

Construction VoIP Phone System

Construction site broadband powers your VoIP services

VoIP significantly reduces the cost of communication

Workers can collaborate onsite and offsite with ease

Ideal for short-term and long-term project sites

A4 & A3 Multifunctional Printer

MPS Office Printers Copiers
Epson AM-C4000

The Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM-C4000 is a versatile multifunction printer offering fast printing, scanning, and copying, combined with advanced features and security making it ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Prints A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, C4 and C5 colour and mono

Prints on paper, envelopes, labels and custom sizes

Environmentally friendly using less toner and energy

Large 10.1-inch colour touchscreen display

Designed reliable, durable and easy to use for high volume printing

A4 & A3 Multifunctional Printer

MPS Office Printers Copiers
Test AM-C4000

The Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM-C4000 is a versatile multifunction printer offering fast printing, scanning, and copying, combined with advanced features and security making it ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Prints A3, A4, A5, B4, B5, C4 and C5 colour and mono

Prints on paper, envelopes, labels and custom sizes

Environmentally friendly using less toner and energy

Large 10.1-inch colour touchscreen display

Designed reliable, durable and easy to use for high volume printing

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Why use Construction Broadband

Benefit from construction broadband as a service

Connectivity without a fixed line connection, no problem!

Our construction site WiFi doesn’t need fixed lines, eliminating installation costs, line rental, and Openreach hassles.

Download drawings, send emails and run Team’s meetings

Construction site WiFi excels in downloading crucial drawings from the cloud, sending emails to colleagues, and hosting key video meetings with clients.

Gain access to your construction management software

Construction broadband enables your teams to run critical onsite software such as ConstructionLine, Simpro, Oracle and Procore without missing a beat.

Enhance site efficiency with fast construction broadband

Streamline on-site management with high-speed broadband, ensuring smooth access to project tools and data.

4G WiFi for temporary or long term construction sites

Get uninterrupted 4G WiFi connectivity with tailored data SIMs for temporary and long-term construction projects.

Supercharge your site with 5G WiFi with speeds up to 500Mbps

5G WiFi accelerates IoT data transfer and communication, boosting productivity for construction companies.

Construction Mobile Broadband

Construction IoT solutions help teams overcome critical onsite challenges, today!

WiFi Construction Broadband Near Me
4G WiFi Router & Data

TCR100 + 4G Mobile Data Plan


Ideal for home offices

Backup failover broadband

Flexible plans available

Up to 650 GB per month

Hire from 1 week to 12 months

Lease from 2-5 years

Quote Request
WiFi Construction Broadband Near Me
RUT2 Series 4G Routers

RUT 241 + 4G Mobile Data Plan

££ POA

Ideal for construction sites

Suitable for home offices

Designed for VoIP

Backup failover broadband

Flexible plans available

Up to 650 GB per month

Hire from 1 week to 12 months

Lease from 2-5 years

Quote Request
Fast Mobile Construction Broadband
RUT9 Series 4G Routers

RUT9x + 4G Mobile Data Plan

£££ POA

Ideal for construction sites

CCTV monitoring

Connect IoT devices

Backup failover broadband

Designed for VoIP

In-vehicle 4G broadband

Flexible plans available

Up to 650 GB per month

Hire from 1 week to 12 months

Lease from 2-5 years

Quote Request
Fast 4G Mobile Construction Broadband
RUTX Series 4G & 5G Routers

RUTX + 4G & 5G Mobile Data

££££ POA

Ideal for construction sites

CCTV monitoring

Connect IoT devices

Backup failover broadband

Designed for VoIP

In-vehicle 4G/5G broadband

Flexible plans available

Up to 650 GB per month

Hire from 1 week to 12 months

Lease from 2-5 years

Quote Request

† Use of construction site broadband, WiFi, 4G & 5G data SIMs is subject to network coverage and availability. Data usage is subject to a fair use policy per plan. Charges apply for overuse. Service may vary by location, terms apply.

Construction site broadband

Broadband for construction sites

Construction broadband: Connect your site with fast, reliable internet access

Get fast, reliable broadband for your construction site with Airacom’s industrial 4G and 5G portable industrial routers. Our routers are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a construction site and provide reliable internet access even in remote areas. Benefit from construction site WiFi for real-time communication and access to critical project information.

Always Online: 4G/5G backup keeps your business connected due to network outages.

Business Continuity: Ensures business continuity, ensuring operations remain uninterrupted.

Protects Bottom Line: Minimises financial impact of fixed-line broadband and Openreach disruptions.

Mobile broadband for Communications Services

Mobile broadband designed for business-critical voice & data services

Close the connectivity gap on UK construction sites with Airacom. Keep your workforce connected and collaborating with fast construction site broadband, WiFi and industrial routers. Run business-critical voice services like VoIP and Push-to-Talk two-way radio communications and business conferencing systems.

Enhanced Communication: Construction site broadband and 4G WiFi allow seamless communication between teams, which is crucial for coordination and safety.

Flexibility and Mobility: Workers can stay connected regardless of their location on the site, enhancing mobility and flexibility in operations.

high availability broadband for Information access

Construction site broadband real time information access

With Airacom’s construction site broadband, you’ll have access to all the information you need to keep your project on track. Our broadband solutions support BIM and other cloud-based applications, so you can access your project files and collaborate with your team from anywhere, anytime.

Real-Time Updates: Construction broadband enables instant sharing of updates and changes in project plans, ensuring everyone is aligned with the latest information.

Remote Monitoring: Supports remote surveillance and monitoring of the construction site for security and progress tracking.

Data Analytics: Enables the collection and analysis of data for informed decision-making and optimisation of resources.

construction Project management mobile broadband

Streamline your processes with high-speed mobile broadband

Plug-and-Play Portability: Easy-to-set-up our construction WiFi systems require no engineer setup or expensive onsite installation. Unbox and plug in.

Immediate Connectivity: New team members or subcontractors can quickly connect and integrate into your construction broadband network.

5G broadband for Remote Monitoring

IoT construction site 5G mobile broadband & asset monitoring

Keep an eye on your construction site and assets with 5G mobile broadband for construction sites. Remotely monitor your project’s sites and assets for security and safety using the latest 5G construction site broadband routers. Our solutions enable support for security cameras, sensors, IoT devices and remote sensor monitoring so you can keep an eye on your site even when you’re not there.

High-Speed Connectivity: Our 5G construction broadband offers ultra-fast data transmission, enabling quick sharing and updating of large project files and blueprints.

Improves Data Handling: Supports handling large volumes of data from various sources, which is essential for modern construction projects.

Reliable Remote Monitoring: Enables effective remote monitoring of the construction site, improving security and project management.

4G Backup Construction broadband

4G Backup broadband: Increase construction site safety

Maintain uninterrupted safety measures on your construction site with Airacom’s advanced construction broadband, featuring a dependable 4G or 5G backup. This system ensures constant connectivity by seamlessly switching to 4G/5G during fixed broadband outages, guaranteeing reliable internet for crucial tasks.

Utilise WiFi for essential safety training, instant access to safety protocols, and prompt reporting of incidents, significantly enhancing overall site safety and minimising accident risks.

Rapid Emergency Response: The constant connectivity facilitates swift communication with emergency services, leading to quicker response times in critical situations.

Enhanced Worker Morale: Construction site broadband enables reliable safety measures and communication, fostering a safer and more productive work environment.

Fast Broadband for construction sites

Digitalise your construction site with fast mobile broadband

4G and 5G mobile broadband revolutionise construction site operations by enabling seamless access to digital tools and cloud-based applications. By replacing paper forms and manual data collection with digital alternatives, construction teams can streamline administrative processes, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency. Learn how Airacom’s construction site broadband solutions stack up:

Unrivalled Speed and Reliability: We partner with major UK mobile networks to deliver high-speed internet, ideal for data-heavy tasks like video conferencing, file sharing, and real-time project management.

Seamless Network Coverage: Enjoy extensive network coverage across your construction site, ensuring reliable connectivity for all devices and teams.

Flexible and Scalable Solutions: Select from various broadband plans tailored to your project needs and budget, with easy scalability to match changing requirements.

construction Collaboration Mobile Broadband

Streamline construction site collaboration with mobile broadband

Airacom PoC: Airacom PoC offers instant push-to-talk two-way communication over cellular networks and WiFi, enhancing team coordination. Explore PoC

Cloud VoIP: Bring Cloud VoIP to your construction site for versatile, internet-driven phone system capabilities, enabling easy communication on-site. Explore VoIP

Mobile broadband for Attendance Monitoring

Use mobile broadband to track time & attendance monitoring

Does your construction site need time and attendance monitoring? Optimise your workforce management using onsite 4G and 5G mobile broadband for construction sites. Implementing temporary broadband enables you to utilise existing time and attendance apps and software to track labour hours, minimise time fraud and streamline payroll and project workflows.

Track Employee Attendance: Provides immediate access to employee time data, enabling dynamic scheduling and allocation of resources based on current needs.

Enhanced Onsite Compliance: Assists in maintaining compliance with labour laws and regulations through accurate tracking and record-keeping of work hours.

Improved Project Forecasting: Facilitates more accurate forecasting of labour requirements for future projects based on historical data trends and analysis.

Resilient backup broadband

Prevent network outages and ensure business continuity with 4G and 5G backup broadband

Safeguard your operations against network disruptions with our 4G and 5G backup construction broadband service. A stable broadband connection is crucial in today’s fast-paced business world, yet unexpected outages can occur. Such interruptions can significantly hinder productivity and profits, particularly in the construction industry.

Our service offers a robust backup solution to your main internet line. In the event of any disruption to your primary connection, our backup service activates instantly, maintaining uninterrupted connectivity. This seamless transition ensures that your business operations continue without a hitch, preserving continuity and efficiency.

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reliable construction site Broadband

We make buying or hiring construction site broadband simple, straightforward and transparent. Contact us today.
Construction Site Broadband
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Construction Site Broadband

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Broadband FAQs

How many users and I connect per router?

The number of wireless devices that can connect to our construction broadband routers depends on the router model. Below is a range of our most popular construction broadband routers, however, we would always advise you to contact our construction WiFi team who will discuss your exact requirements and tailor a short-term or long-term mobile broadband solution:

RUT950: Up to 100 Wireless Devices

RUT955: Up to 100 Wireless Devices

RUT240: Up to 150 Wireless Devices

RUTX11: Up to 150 Wireless Devices

RUTX12: Up to 200 Wireless Devices

What type of broadband internet is best for construction sites?

The best type of broadband internet for construction sites is a temporary, high-speed, wireless internet connection. This type of connection can be quickly and easily installed, and it can provide the bandwidth that you need to support your operations.

How much does construction site broadband cost?

Finding the right construction site broadband solution at the right price depends on several factors, including your provider and the type of connection. Airacom offers a versatile array of options tailored to construction needs, ranging from 4G and 5G mobile broadband and resilient multi-network SIMs, to high-speed fibre options, SoGEA, and dedicated leased lines. Each solution is designed to meet the unique demands of construction operators. For the most effective and cost-efficient broadband strategy, we recommend consulting with our specialized construction broadband team.

How can I get construction site broadband?

Securing your construction site with high-quality broadband from Airacom is straightforward and efficient. Start by contacting our expert team, who are ready to understand your specific site requirements and challenges. We’ll guide you through our range of tailored broadband solutions, including 4G/5G mobile broadband, multi-network SIMs for enhanced resilience, high-speed fibre, SoGEA, and dedicated leased lines, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your site’s needs. Our process is designed for simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring you get the right solution quickly and hassle-free. With Airacom, reliable and robust construction site broadband is just a consultation away.

What are the benefits of using construction site broadband?

There are a number of benefits to using construction site broadband, including:

Increased Productivity: Broadband internet can help you to increase productivity by allowing you to access important information and tools from anywhere on the construction site.

Improved Communications: Construction broadband WiFi can help you to improve communication by allowing you to stay connected with your team members and clients.

Enhanced Safety: Construction WiFi broadband internet can help to enhance safety by allowing you to monitor security cameras and access safety information.

What are some of the challenges of using construction site broadband?

There are a few challenges to using construction site broadband, including:

Cost: Construction site broadband can be expensive, especially if you need a high-speed connection.

Coverage: Construction site broadband may not be available in all areas.

Reliability: 4G/5G construction site broadband may not be as reliable as traditional fixed fibre broadband connections from Airacom. Always consult with our team to discuss your options for each construction site.

How can I troubleshoot problems with my construction site broadband?

Firstly, we offer a fully managed construction broadband service. We can actively monitor and diagnose problems and proactively monitor your broadband. However, there are a few things we may ask you to do to troubleshoot problems with your construction site broadband, including:

Restarting your Router: This is often the simplest way to fix problems with your broadband connection.

Checking your Cables: Make sure that all of your cables are securely connected.

Contacting Airacom: If you are still having problems, you can contact your account manager or our construction broadband support team for help.

How can I get a temporary broadband connection for my construction site?

There are a number of temporary construction site WiFi and broadband options available from Airacom that offer temporary broadband connections to construction sites. These solutions typically have a variety of plans to choose from, including plans that are based on 30-day rolling broadband hire contracts to 60 days, 90 days and up to one year for short-term broadband hire.

How can I get a long-term broadband connection for my construction site?

We make long-term construction broadband rental simple with a diverse range of connectivity solutions tailored to the unique needs of your construction site and location. Whether you’re looking for mobile 4G and 5G construction broadband for flexibility and mobility, or seeking the stability of fixed business fibre, SoGEA, and dedicated leased lines, we have options to suit every requirement. Our plans are available in various durations, including 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, and 5-year contracts, allowing you to choose the timeframe that best fits your project’s timeline. Contact us to explore the most suitable long-term broadband solution for your construction site. You can plan your project by reviewing what’s happening in the construction sector by visiting our blog or sites like the CIC Construction Industry Council and the NFB National Federation of Builders.

What should I consider when choosing a broadband provider for my construction site?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a broadband provider for your construction site, including:

Do you need a temporary or long-term connection?

How much bandwidth do you need to support your operations?

How much are you willing to spend on broadband?

How reliable is your current providers’ network and do you need a backup/contingency broadband

Do you need a static IP’s or a Dynamic IP’s? A static IP is required when devices need a permanent IP assigned like web-server, mail servers, security cameras, access control systems and printers if the printer needs to be accessed by multiple users on the same network. If in doubt, contact our construction broadband team for help and advice.

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