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How to make your remote working or hybrid work model a success?

Having clear communication is essential for all industries. You can enhance your organisation’s hybrid work and remote working strategies by utilizing our comprehensive suite of business voice, mobile, and connectivity services.

Video conferencing alone is insufficient for front-line workers and remotely operating teams to achieve efficiency. Your personnel require unified voice and data tools to perform their jobs effectively. You can optimise your hybrid and remote work models with our unified voice and data services. Our team will assist you in enabling your employees to connect and collaborate from nearly anywhere, using state-of-the-art unified communications products customised to fit your business’s budget and needs.

Remote & hybrid work solutions

Discover remote and hybrid work solutions for your business

Horizon Collaborate

Reliable unified communications platform to facilitate hybrid & remote working with voice, video, and data.

Business Mobile

Tailored for UK businesses with voice over 4G (VoLTE) and voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) to connect teams.

Cloud Phone Systems

Leverage the benefits of a Cloud PBX system for your remote and hybrid working employees.

Airacom Push to Talk

Provide your employees with the power instant group communications on their smartphones with Airacom Push to Talk

Resource Management

Manage your remote workforce seamlessly with an all-in-one communication, task & shift management platform.

MS Teams Direct Routing

Give your Microsoft Teams a voice with Direct Routing for outbound calls using Teams and Airacom SIP trunks.


1 in 5 workers operate from home in the new work based normal with hybrid & remote working

At the height of the coronavirus (COVID-19), pandemic, almost half of working adults in the UK were working from home. Since the restrictions have been lifted, the total number of home workers has decreased to 1 in 5 (22%), and approximately 1 in 8 (13%) having worked from home exclusively in 2022. While home or remote working has decreased, it has not reduced to pre-pandemic levels. The proportion of homeworkers planning to spend most of their working hours at home has risen by 12% between April 2021 and February 2022. With 60% of businesses planning to adopt hybrid working since the pandemic restrictions, companies need to review their voice and data services and adapt to the new hybrid normal.

UK Government Research Brief – 2022

Office for National Statistics Hybrid Work – 2022

What employees say

According to a survey, 55% of remote workers have indicated that they would seek employment elsewhere if the remote work option were eliminated.


As per a report, 32% of remote workers feel more engaged compared to 28% of office workers.


According to a survey, 16% of workers have reported experiencing a lack of focus at their desks in the office due to various distractions.


In a Work-Life Relationship survey, 89% of remote workers reported feeling they took better care of themselves.

Overcome Hybrid work challenges
Consolidate business communications

Numerous technologies and applications, including fixed-line, mobile, voice, video, and messaging, can help you connect with customers and front-line workers. By consolidating and streamlining your communication channels with a single omnichannel unified communications platform, you can provide a consistent service to your clients and teams

Simplify how your team collaborates

Facilitate collaborative work among your internal teams and front-line and remote workers by providing them with tools that support this approach. Empowering them to share information and collaborate can increase their productivity and enable your team to be more helpful to their clients and colleagues.

Find a hybrid work business specialist

As remote and hybrid working becomes a permanent feature of modern work, it is vital to have reliable means of staying connected with your team, to improve user productivity and maintain on-site safety. With an increasingly mobile workforce, Airacom’s unified communications solution enables your team to communicate efficiently via the most effective channels while catering to employee demands for increased flexible working.

Remove the data silos and free up budget

Eliminate data silos and discover a more effective data-sharing method across your business. Take charge of your spending on telecom, IT, and connectivity by replacing systems that hamper your employees’ productivity, and gain the freedom to allocate your budget more efficiently.

Remote working pros & cons

The benefits and drawbacks of remote working, as well as the challenges of managing a distributed workforce

Although remote working may not be suitable for all businesses, every company strives to make its organisation more adaptable, capable of responding to daily challenges, and flexible enough to work from anywhere. In retrospect, many small to medium-sized companies were caught off guard by the Covid-19 pandemic, which impacted how their teams worked internally and with their clients. As we emerge from the pandemic, hybrid working is being viewed by many as the new normal. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of working from home.

Remote workers save moneyGlobal workplace analytics estimated that working from home saves employees between £1700 – £5300 per year

Improved work-life balance – Working from home can lead to a healthier work-life balance and more productivity while offering more family time with less commuting and happier employees.

Fewer office distractions – Staff have fewer internal distractions, or distractions from office politics, allowing them to focus solely on their diary and agenda.

Lack of communication – Where remote and hybrid working can and does fail is the lack of effective communication. Streamlining your platforms will give your teams the tools to collaborate more effectively.

Team collaboration – When your teams operate from the office, collaborating and getting work done can appear much easier. Remote teams often feel isolated without the right processes and voice and data collaboration tools.

HYBRID work solutions

Airacom push to talk, no ringing or waiting to broadcast critical voice messages

Airacom’s instant push-to-talk group communications platform provides a software-based solution alternative to the traditional two-way radio. The platform has enhanced services, near-universal coverage, and reduced setup costs, enabling users to send instant voice messages and SMS to large groups or individuals.

Bring PSTN calling to your Microsoft Teams account with Operator Connect

With Operator Connect integrated into Microsoft Teams, businesses can access a new range of calling capabilities, including audio and video conferencing, without requiring a physical phone system. This creates a world of new possibilities for connecting business calls seamlessly.

Inclusive Calls to 01, 02, 03 and 07 UK numbers (4,000 minutes PUPM)* terms apply

UK-based support teams are available 24×7

Save on infrastructure expenditure

Qualify of Service (QoS) performance as standard

Unified Comms as a Service

Hybrid working is here to stay, meet the demands of a distributed workforce

Unified Communications (UC) is transforming businesses’ operations, providing clearer communication channels for customers, office-based teams, and hybrid or remote workforces. With UC, organizations can enhance productivity and work smarter. Learn more about how UC is making this possible.

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