Retail store business communications to outpace your online competition

Increase your retail store customer experience and employee productivity with the latest cloud services, fast fibre broadband connectivity and retail unified communications services from Airacom.

In today’s evolving retail landscape, staying competitive is a constant challenge. E-commerce growth and shifting consumer behaviour demand innovative solutions to elevate the customer experience and boost employee productivity. Retailers can achieve this by embracing digital technologies like unified communications and high-speed in-store Wi-Fi. These advancements streamline operations, accelerate response times, and enrich the shopping journey by providing real-time access to inventory and fostering interdepartmental collaboration. To thrive in the retail industry, investing in digital transformation is essential. It empowers retailers to meet customer demands, enhance employee efficiency, and elevate the retail experience.

Overcome Retail Challenges

Outpace your online competition:

With online giants as competition, bricks and mortar retailers must excel in customer experiences. Yet, internal communication challenges have plagued the retail industry due to dispersed staff, causing delays and miscommunications that impact customer satisfaction. Retailers can adopt Airacom’s advanced unified communications and location-based services to stay competitive. These innovations boost staff coordination, enhance the customer experience, and set retailers ahead of the curve.

Increase your staff efficiency:

Enhancing employee productivity and customer service. Retailers aim for employee productivity, stellar customer service, and seamless store operations. Unified communication tools, such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and push-to-talk platforms, bridge communication gaps across the shop floor and stock room in real time, boosting productivity and performance. Location-based services track employee movements and productivity, ensuring timely, exceptional customer service.

Manage your store’s inventory:

Retailers grapple with inventory management challenges, from lost sales due to overstocking or understocking to inaccurate tracking that hinders demand forecasting and informed purchasing decisions. Managing inventory across multiple store locations poses pricing and availability inconsistencies. Additionally, inventory theft and damage lead to financial losses. Implementing an efficient in-store PTT collaboration system minimizes theft and streamlines inventory checks, enhancing control.

Increase security & protect profits:

Mitigating financial risks and creating safe retail environments. Retail stores face security risks like theft, fraud, and property damage, leading to substantial financial losses. Retailers must implement effective security measures to safeguard assets and ensure a secure environment for staff and customers. Shoplifting, employee theft, and organized retail crime pose significant threats. In 2019, retailers incurred $61.7 billion in inventory shrinkage, primarily due to theft, as the National Retail Federation reported.

Retail Business communications

Retail push to talk & two way radios to connect every department

Retailers use Airacom PTT for instant communication between staff to manage store operations, coordinate customer service, address security concerns, reduce response times, increase customer service and prevent theft and security risks that can threaten your staff and customers.

Shopping Experience: Enhance the experience by communicating instantly with back-office and inventory management teams. Check stock levels, locate products, and retrieve items for customers without leaving their side.

Instore Collaboration: PTT can enable real-time collaboration between different departments, such as sales and inventory management, allowing them to work together more efficiently to resolve customer issues or solve inventory problems.

Enhanced Safety: With the ability to quickly and easily contact a supervisor or manager, as well as alert security personnel of potential threats or suspicious activity, PTT can help to prevent theft, violence, and other security risks, which can result in significant financial and personal losses for retailers.

Short-term and Long-Term Retail Radio Hire

Explore Retail IT Procurement Services

Buy Radios Online with Next-Day Delivery

Explore our Range of PoC, VHF & UHF Radios

Unlock retail success with UCaaS for improved customer service

Omnichannel Excellence: Say goodbye to disjointed customer experiences. UCaaS seamlessly engages shoppers across phone, email, and social media channels. The result? Impeccable, consistent support that keeps customers coming back.

Rapid Resolution: Remove customer frustrations. UCaaS provides a 360-degree view of customer interactions, enabling rapid issue resolution. Happy customers lead to increased sales and smiles all around.

Personalisation Amplified: Video chat and screen sharing elevate customer interactions. Tailor your service, connect deeply with customers, and foster lasting loyalty. It’s akin to a virtual handshake for each interaction.

Benefits of UCaaS services for your retail employees?

UCaaS isn’t just about customer satisfaction; it’s also a major productivity boost for your team. Studies show a 20% increase in employee productivity thanks to streamlined communication and collaboration. That means more time for personalised service, happier customers, and a healthier bottom line.

Explore Retail Business Hosted VoIP Systems

PhoneLine+ a Low-Cost Cloud Hosted System

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Explore Next-Gen UCaaS solutions for retail

Unified Communication Hub: Forget juggling multiple apps and devices. UCaaS from Airacom consolidates everything into one place, saving time and enhancing your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Seamless Collaboration: Collaboration takes a giant leap forward. UCaaS connects teams instantly, no matter where they are, streamlining your day-to-day projects.

In retail, UCaaS isn’t just a luxury—it’s the key to staying competitive and thriving in the digital age. Embrace it, and watch your store reach new heights.

High speed broadband: Fueling retail’s digital revolution

In today’s retail landscape, hyper-fast internet is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. High-speed broadband powers efficiency, engagement, and future-proofing operations.

Boosting Efficiency and Sales: High-speed connections enable rapid checkouts, real-time inventory tracking, and data analytics for optimised merchandising.

Enhancing Customer Engagement: Deliver rich in-store experiences with interactive displays, virtual demos, and seamless online-to-offline shopping journeys.

Future-Proofing Operations: Prepare for the future with cloud-based applications and AI-powered services. High-speed broadband ensures agility and responsiveness.

Upgrade to Ultrafast Business Fibre Broadband

Retail Must be Ready for the PSTN Switch-Off

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Explore Software-Defined (SD-WANs)

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Retail Enterprise mobility
Rugged devices

Buy, rent or lease ultra rugged smartphones for retail operations to withstand frequent exposure to disinfectant solutions.

Rugged Devices
PoC Radios

Retail PoC radios are the walkie talkie alternative offering retail stores a full group collaboration service over the instore WiFi network.

PoC Radios
Two Way Radios

Explore our range of two way radios to buy, rent or hire from leading two way radio brands designed to connect retail store teams.

Walkie Talkies
MTD Solutions

Mobile threat defence is deeply important. Your industry has a high number of workers using their own devices. Explore privacy first threat defence.

Cyber Security
SIM Only

Business SIM only for retail operations offers flexible, cost effective mobile connectivity with tailored plans and value added services.

IoT and M2M

M2M allows for seamless and secure data transmission, enabling retail chaines to deliver more efficient and effective care.

IoT & M2M

Retail Workforce management

Airacom Fleet Tracking

Better retail optimisation with real time fleet tracking

In today’s retail landscape, fleet tracking services are becoming the go-to solution for optimising operations and cutting costs. Here’s why retailers are embracing this game-changing technology:

Lower your Retail Fleet Tracking Costs

Asset Tracking Solutions for Retail

Real-Time Visibility: Retailers are equipping their vehicles with GPS devices, providing real-time insights into their fleet’s location and performance. This level of visibility allows for efficient delivery management and precise scheduling, ensuring products reach the intended stores exactly when needed.

Efficiency Unleashed: Fleet tracking services are unleashing efficiency in retail operations. With real-time data, retailers can streamline their delivery processes, minimise downtime, and swiftly make on-the-fly adjustments to meet customer demands.

Cost Savings: The result? Significant cost savings. Retailers optimise fuel usage, reduce vehicle wear and tear, and minimise unnecessary delays. These savings translate into a healthier bottom line.

Gain more retail efficiency with advanced printing solutions

In the fast-paced world of retail, every second counts. That’s where cutting-edge all-in-one printer solutions come into play, increasing retail store efficiency. Improve customer service and employee engagement with the latest multifunctional devices to print, copy and scan backup through our nationwide managed print services (MPS). Explore our wide range of document solutions from leading brands like Canon, Epson, Ricoh, and Kyoccera to help your retail environment.

Retail Printers and Photocopiers

Document Solutions for Retail Stores

PaperCut Print Software Increases Efficiency


retail business communications services

Explore how we help retail stores improve their critical voice and data services

Push to Talk

Replace two way radios with Airacom APTT push to talk offering near national coverage over any IP network.

Workforce Management

Enhance frontline safety with location monitoring, geofence clock, clock out, incident reporting, and job allocation.

Retail Hosted VoIP

Reliable voice phone systems for your retail stores and head office collaboration.

Store Connectivity

Get superfast retail store broadband to run business critical applications and services from Fibre to SD-WAN.

Business Mobile

Improve site productivity with the right mix of rugged devices using a business only 4G and 5G superfast network.

Retail Store WiFi

Retail site WiFi is packed with features, security and flexibility over a 4G and 5G connectivity with built-in failover.

Retail business communications & data services across the UK and beyond

Discover our wide-ranging retail business communications solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of retailers both domestically and internationally. We provide expert, region-specific services to drive growth and innovation in the retail sector. Explore our diverse range of business services available in your region.

London Business Services

UK Southern Business Services

UK Midlands Business Services

UK Northern Business Services

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Retail business communications

Airacom Retail Business Communication
Mobilise your workforce

Replace two-way radios with Airacom push to talk offering near national coverage over any IP network.

Airacom Retail Business Communication
Connect your project site

Utilise IoTs and Sensors to gain real-time data analytics across your sites to make informed business decisions.

Airacom Retail Business Communication
Protect your team

Enhance workforce safety with location monitoring to better manage employees operating remotely or alone.

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