Protect your Workforce

Protecting your team from work related risks

Protecting your workforce is a top priority, no matter where they work. As more employees work alone, remotely, or in hazardous areas, companies must take steps to ensure their safety and security.

With the growing trend towards digitalisation, more and more employees are working alone or remotely, including those in hybrid work initiatives, public-facing roles, and hazardous areas. However, such work environments can pose significant risks to employees’ safety and security, making it essential to protect them.

Our range of cutting-edge technology solutions can help to protect your employees, no matter where they work. with real-time location monitoring, instant collaboration, innovative unified communications, and mobile devices to safeguard your employees.

How to protect your team

People Monitoring

Real-time tracking of workers’ locations and movements is helpful for those working alone or in remote locations to locate and assist employees in an emergency situation with reporting.

Employee Monitoring

Lone Worker

Devices or software designed to protect workers who work alone or in isolation, such as personal safety alarms or panic buttons, can be activated in an emergency for back office teams to respond.

Online Tracking

Panic Alarms

Devices that enable workers to quickly alert others in case of an emergency or threat, with features such as GPS tracking, automatic alerts, or two-way communication with back office dispatch teams.

Push to alert

Push to Talk

Real-time communication using mobile devices particularly useful for workers in hazardous or remote environments, with features such as location tracking, emergency alerts, and voice recording.

Airacom PoC
location monitoring
Protect your Workforce

The importance of employee location monitoring

Employee location monitoring is critical for safeguarding employee safety and security, particularly those working alone or in remote locations. By tracking real-time employee movements, companies can quickly respond to accidents or security threats and optimise business operations. Our advanced employee tracking system provides valuable insights into employee movements and work patterns, enhancing overall productivity and safety. Here are six scenarios where employee location monitoring can be beneficial:

Field workers operating alone or in remote locations

Healthcare workers providing home care to patients

Retail workers working in high-risk areas or late nights

Construction workers on large job sites

Transportation workers and truck drivers working alone

Employees working in hazardous areas such as oil & gas

Airacom push to talk

Push to talk & dispatch console software to protect remote workers

Airacom’s push-to-talk software and dispatch console protect employee safety and enhance business operations. Employees can communicate in real-time using their mobile devices, making it useful for hazardous or remote environments. The dispatch console provides centralised command and control, enabling businesses to manage their workforce and respond quickly to incidents. These solutions provide reliable communication, location tracking, and increase productivity. Airacom PTT is used in many industries, here are six examples:

Hospitality staff responding to guest requests or security concerns

Security personnel patrolling large properties

Event staff coordinating efforts to keep attendees safe

First responders coordinating rescue operations

Logistics teams coordinating deliveries and pickups

Manufacturing team reporting potential safety hazards

Protect your Team Push to Talk Radios
Identifying Risks

One of the primary challenges for businesses is identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities that could threaten their staff. This requires a comprehensive risk assessment that considers all aspects of the workplace environment, including the physical layout, equipment, and human factors.

Implementing Safety Measures

Once potential risks are identified, businesses must implement effective safety measures to mitigate them. This can be challenging, particularly for businesses with limited resources, as implementing safety measures can be costly and time-consuming.

Ensuring Compliance

Many industries are subject to regulatory requirements related to employee safety, such as OSHA regulations in the United States. Businesses must ensure that they comply with these regulations, which can be complex and time-consuming.

Providing Adequate Training

Providing comprehensive safety training for employees is essential for safeguarding their well-being. However, training can be expensive and time-consuming, particularly for businesses with high turnover rates.

Addressing Cultural Issues

Safety is not always a top priority in some workplaces, and employees may resist safety measures. Addressing these cultural issues can be challenging and requires a concerted effort from management and employees alike.

Managing Remote Workers

As more employees work remotely or in isolated locations, it can be challenging for businesses to monitor and safeguard their safety. Implementing effective communication and location monitoring solutions is critical for protecting remote workers.

Remote collaboration
Fieldworker Mobilise. your Workforce

BView next generation (AR) assisted reality headset

Brochesia’s BView AR headset offers remote assistance and collaboration for field workers in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and emergency response using the latest RealWear rugged headsets.

Real-time assistance with remote experts

Bring engineers onsite from anywhere in the world

Access digital information & diagrams to speed up work

Operate handsfree to increase safety and efficiency

Solutions to connect people, places and projects

Remote Working

Remote working is here to stay, so get ahead with our remote and hybrid working solutions for SMEs and large businesses.

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Make and receive phone calls to or from landlines and mobiles via Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing.

Teams Managed Service

Get all the professional help and support to set up, manage and run your Microsoft Teams business services.

Business Connectivity

Review our dedicated business connectivity services. Adopt solutions that scale with your business.

IoT SIM Data Services

Connect your IoT sensors, connected objects, devices and remote and hybrid teams with 4G/5G LTE.

Migrate to VoIP

Migrate from outdated PSTN/ISDN to VoIP UC in 5 simple steps, future-proofing your business in time for the 2025 switch-off.

Switch to SoGEA & future proof your communications

Today, companies don’t always require a phone line and broadband connection. SoGEA allows you to enjoy high-speed hybrid fibre broadband without a traditional phone line.

Unlimited data usage

Download speeds of up to 80 Mbps

24/7/365 UK-based support and customer service

12, 24, or 36-month contracts available

Single order for phone and broadband

FREE WiFi route and static IP address

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