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Two way radio hire for short term and long term events

Choose from our affordable and flexible two-way radio hire services in the UK with plans starting from as little as one day, to multi-year long-term two way radio hire projects.

Airacom’s two-way radio hire services can help your teams boost productivity and increase collaboration with our range of tailored instant communications services. Enjoy crystal-clear communication, robust hardware, and seamless group collaboration. Our cost-effective and flexible radio rental plans cater for short-term radio hire from a single day to multi-year projects, ensuring your team get the most from your two-way radio hire. Experience unparalleled support and response times with our dedicated UK radio hire team of professionals.

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Why hire two way radios

8 Reasons to choose us for your next two way radio event hire

Instant Comms

Two-way radio hire provides quick and easy real-time voice communication between individuals and large groups. Broadcast critical information when it matters.

Cost Effective

Renting two-way radios is more cost-effective than buying for short-term events, eliminating the need for upfront investment and maintenance costs.

Durable & Reliable

Event organisers and production crews use radio hire for clear communication. Hire radios need to be rugged and withstand tough conditions.

Increased Safety

Hiring two way radios increases the safety of your personnel and customers by enabling instant collaboration and response times to hazardous or safety situations.

Easy to Use

Two-way radios are accessible to employees of all skill levels and require little training. Making them ideal for events, security and construction.

Private & Secure

Two-way radio hire provides a private and secure means for your teams to communicate critical information between individuals or large groups.

Boost Productivity

When speed plays a crucial role in your operation, hiring two way radios increases productivity, improves coordination, reduces downtime, and minimises errors.

Customer Service

Two-way radios improve customer service in retail and hospitality sectors by allowing employees to quickly respond to customer requests and inquiries.

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Meet our professional two way radio hire fleet

Motorola Digital Radio


Short and Long Term Radio Hire
Weekly from

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/Deposit (exc. VAT)

All prices ex VAT, unless stated otherwise. Finance subject to status on long-term radio rentals and subject to a credit check, 18+, Direct Debit. Short-term rentals are available from one day.

Motorola DP1400 Digital Radio


Short and Long Term Radio Hire
Weekly from

/Contact us for pricing


/Deposit (exc. VAT)

All prices ex VAT, unless stated otherwise. Finance subject to status on long-term radio rentals and subject to a credit check, 18+, Direct Debit. Short-term rentals are available from one day.

Motorola SL1600 Digital Portable Radio


Short and Long Term Radio Hire
Monthly from

/Contact us for pricing


/Deposit (exc. VAT)

All prices ex VAT, unless stated otherwise. Finance subject to status on long-term radio rentals and subject to a credit check, 18+, Direct Debit. Short-term rentals are available from one day.

Airacom Two way Radios

Who’s hiring two way radios from Airacom? Explore the businesses benefiting from group communications

We offer versatile two-way radio rental services across the UK, catering to events of all sizes, from small gatherings to extensive multisite venues. Our tailored solutions ensure seamless communication, regardless of the scope and scale of your requirements. With a wealth of experience in providing top-quality communication systems, our team is well-equipped to support your project by delivering reliable and efficient two-way radio hire services throughout the country.

Construction Companies

Transportation and Logistics

Event Management Companies

Security Companies

Warehouse Companies

Sports Events Industry

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Construction radios

Construction Companies

Leverage two-way radio hire across construction sites for seamless, reliable communication between individuals, large teams and subcontractors. Two-way radio hire on construction sites is essential for fostering effective collaboration enhancing project efficiency and promoting safer work environments.

Remote and changing job sites often lack stable communication infrastructure.

Coordination between multiple teams and subcontractors can be complex.

Ensuring worker safety in hazardous environments is critical.

Explore two-way radio licencing from Ofcom

Transport radios

Transportation and Logistics

In transport and logistics, coordinating fleet operations and ensuring punctual deliveries are major challenges. Two-way radio communication systems (walkie-talkies) are vital for overcoming daily challenges, improving collaboration, and streamlining dispatch processes. By utilising a reliable two-way radio hire service, fleet managers can reduce delays, cut costs and enhance customer satisfaction.

Facilitate real-time communication between dispatchers and drivers, regardless of distance.

Enable immediate updates on traffic conditions or delivery changes, increasing efficiency.

Provide an instant communication channel during emergencies, allowing for quicker response times and potentially saving lives.

Explore vehicle push to talk
Event radios

Event Management Companies

Elevate your event management with two-way radio hire, offering short and long-term solutions for seamless communication. Essential for coordinating staff, ensuring safety, and delivering a flawless event experience, two-way radios provide instant, reliable connections. Don’t compromise; invest in two-way radio hire for optimal event execution.

Allow event organizers to communicate with teams, vendors, and volunteers instantly, enhancing coordination and efficiency.

Provide a stable communication network that can overcome physical barriers or signal interference.

Enable rapid communication during emergencies or security incidents, ensuring prompt response and resolution.

Warehouse radios

Warehouse Companies

Warehouses are crucial in supply chains, requiring excellent inventory management, coordination, and optimisation. Overcome communication challenges and safety risks with Airacom’s two-way radio hire and improve your team’s inventory control. Experience real-time group collaboration and address your warehouse’s logistical challenges with Airacom two-way radio hire today.

Enhanced inventory management through effective communication

Better coordination among warehouse workers

Optimized workflows and increased operational efficiency

Explore warehouse solutions
security radios

Security Companies

Security companies can have multiple projects and personnel operating across large, geographically dispersed areas. Coordinating personnel, responding to incidents quickly, and maintaining safety is critical to keeping the public safe. Two-way radio hire enhances communication in security operations, enabling swift coordination and timely response to threats or incidents.

Improved coordination among security personnel

Faster response to incidents and threats

Enhanced overall safety and security

Two way collaboration solutions for teams

PoC Radio Leasing

Our PoC radio leasing offers a cost effective, flexible and tax efficient method of hiring 4G LTE PoC Radios.

Radio Hire Quote

Working on a project and need to build in a reliable comms solution, request a quote today and we’ll be in touch.

Upgrade your Radio System

Looking to upgrade your existing outdated two way radio sysetm? – Our team can help advise what’s best for you.

Vehicle Push to Talk

Airacom’s vehicle push-to-talk PoC radio leasing allows seamless communication on the go, improving fleet management.

PoC Radio Rental

Hire reliable push to talk over cellular radios with ultra-wide area coverage with WiFi backup for resilience.

People Tracking

People tracking software provides real-time location data, improving safety, productivity and asset management utilisation.

Airacom push to talk: Expansive national coverage across All IP networks

Our push-to-talk solutions offer extensive coverage, replacing traditional two-way radios. Perfect for large enterprises, our group communication solutions ensure immediate, secure connections, cutting-edge features, and efficient operations.

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