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Get a Microsoft Teams managed service to empower your business

We can help you get the most out of your Microsoft Teams with a managed service to streamline your business communications and maximise the potential of your Microsoft Team environment.

CloudUCX™ is an advanced suite of cloud-based solutions that are designed to enhance your Microsoft Teams experience. By leveraging the latest cloud technology, our service empowers your business to seamlessly make and receive external calls through Microsoft Teams, without the need for Microsoft Calling Plan licenses or expensive on-premise equipment.

In addition to our core external calling functionality, CloudUCX™ offers a range of advanced features, including call recording, call reporting and enhanced contact centre capabilities. These features are designed to provide your business with a comprehensive set of communication solutions.

We will help you to streamline your communication channels, improve collaboration, and boost productivity across your organisation. With no upfront investment required and flexible pricing options available, you can get started with our service quickly and with minimal outlay.

Four reasons to switch

Call from Teams

Make calls to mobiles, landlines, or emergency services directly through Microsoft Teams.

Bespoke Plans

Airacom can provide you with dedicated phone numbers and call plans with Operator Connect.

Reduce your Costs

Save on hardware and infrastructure costs by combining Teams with Operator Connect.

Deploy Faster

Select your operator, provision your users and assign your phone numbers fast.


Transform your business with a managed Microsoft Teams service

Digital transformation is expected to be the top strategic business priority of almost all enterprise businesses in every industry. 60% of CIOs and CTOs surveyed in a 2021 IBM study, indicated that the following challenges are prohibiting their path to digital transformation:

Legacy systems

Siloed decision making

Insufficient budget for technological change

Shortage of in-house technical resources

Increased security risks and cyber threats

Outdated systems prohibiting hybrid working

The Modern Workplace

The modern workplace with hybrid working offers major benefits for people and organisations, but it isn’t easy to achieve. At the heart of any modern workplace is cloud technology and infrastructure your teams need to connect and collaborate over. Without adopting digital technologies, it would not be possible to take advantage of all the benefits hybrid working offers. We help organisations better understand the technologies and the training needed to deliver a successful hybrid working model. With more than a decade of delivering unified communications, we understand what a successful digital transformation looks like. We can help you reduce the risk of failure and internal resistance to change to make your project successful.

Siloed Decision Making

Silos of information will negatively impact your digital transformation ambition and your business. Silos also lead to disconnected teams and decision-making, impacting your business and affecting your bottom line.

Legacy Systems

A study by Avanade revealed that on overage, 31% of technology within an organisation is made up of legacy systems. Legacy systems are one of the major hurdles in digital transformation, and they are often slow, and inflexible and make it much harder to adopt more agile ways of working.

Insufficient Budgets

The recent COVID-19 pandemic caused many businesses to suffer losses, and digital transformation projects have been set back due to financial constraints. Adopting new technology is expensive and does require oversight, however, if done correctly, the future of your business can gain greater agility and adaptability.

Technical Resource Shortages

At the time of writing, the current UK employment rate stands at 76.6%, an all-time high since records began in 1971. The labour shortage of skilled talent is having an impact on digital transformation within businesses. Combined with the shortage of critical microchip components and logistical lead times, these are all impacting businesses as they look to adopt technology for digital transformation.

Security Risks

As your business adopts a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, your security vulnerabilities will be scrutinised. With the influx of phishing, hacking and cyber threats from sponsored state actors, it is critically important that organisations review their security systems and internal training processes.

Solutions for Enterprise

Run your Microsoft Teams services over an ultrafast fibre broadband connection

Ultrafast is the best business broadband we offer. It can handle the basics like email and web browsing while allowing you to take advantage of data-heavy applications.

Unlimited data usage

Download bandwidth options of 150Mbps or 300Mbps FTTP

24/7/365 UK-based support and customer service

12, 24, or 36-month contracts available


Teams Managed Service


CloudUCX™ solution seamlessly integrates with legacy telephony such as your PBX.

Future Proof

Meet the demands of modern business and future-proof your critical services.

Global Reach

CloudUCX™ is available in EMEA, AMERICAS & APAC geographical regions with international reach.


Designed to scale as your business grows, our CloudUCX™ service can adapt as you grow.


CloudUCX™ as a platform natively integrates with Microsoft Teams.


Resilience across multiple geographical regions and providing 99.9% uptime.

Voice Specialist

Airacom is a leading business-critical voice & data service provider, headquartered in the UK, operating across five continents.

Service Desk

We deliver leading support with a 24×7 service desk and a dedicated support team.

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Switch to SoGEA & future proof your communications

Today, companies don’t always require a phone line and broadband connection. SoGEA allows you to enjoy high-speed hybrid fibre broadband without needing a traditional phone line.

Unlimited data usage

Download speeds of up to 80 Mbps

24/7/365 UK-based support and customer service

12, 24, or 36-month contracts available

Single order for phone and broadband

FREE WiFi route and static IP address

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