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Digital transformation through IT & OT convergence

Multi-session command console to manage hundreds of remote workers and surface critical IoT, Sensor and video surveillance data to assist back office teams in monitoring assets, sites and operations from any location on any device or web browser.

Modernisation and digitisation relies on effective communication, collaboration and data visualisation. Mobile working is transforming businesses and industries globally, combined with powerful computing, better networking, improved storage, and new IoT technologies driving IT and OT convergence, creating the fourth industrial revolution, or industry 4.0. The Airacom command centre software enables real time decision making, enhanced productivity, business flexibility and agility by connecting your data to a central role-based dashboard. Surface business critical information from anywhere within your technology stack, in one platform.

Airacom APTT command software

Business intelligence

Command centre software

Group Communication

Airacom APTT allows you to communicate instantly at a touch of a button with near-global coverage over any public or private 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi or Satellite IP network. Compatible across Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Harmony OS operating systems.

Unified Messaging

Enterprise encrypted messaging keeps your intellectual property safe and your business GDPR compliant. Easily share secure and encrypted text messages, photos, videos and files privately one-to-one or across large talk groups for rapid collaboration.


Customisable dashboards with role-based permissions offer powerful location, sensor and IoT data analytics and visualisation to manage projects.

Security and Encryption

Highly secure, Airacom APTT command centre software has end-to-end encryption, secure authentication, authorisation, data encryption, transport-level security, robust permission models and security extensions baked into our mobile applicated and web-based software.

API Integration

Establish a conference call with a predefined group of users that need to hear a voice or SMS message. Conference calls have a higher priority than radio channels. All users will be hijacked from other sessions to call with the controller and return to the original talked groups once the conference session ends.

IoT and Sensor Integration

Dispatch console controllers with a dispatcher role can intervene in a PTT call and override any user already in a PTT call session to talk.


Dispatch console controllers can select individual users from the contact list or via the map to establish a call. The priority of this call is higher if the dispatcher role includes the supervisor priority call. Users are hijacked from their regional channels and more users can be added to an Ad Hoc session during a call. Users return once the session ends.

Android Auto Integration

Role-based vehicle push to talk group communication for smartphones, tablets or directly from the cab via voice commands using Android Auto.

APB – All Points Bulletin

The controller can transmit in all active sessions in the dispatch console. Unlike the Emergency Broadcast, this transmission is done only in the channels the controller has joined. Users in channels the controller has not joined will not hear the APB broadcast.

Private Call

Dispatch console controllers can select a contact from a contact list or via the map and establish a private call. The dispatch console can set private calls to have a higher priority than standard calls hijacking a user from other calls in favour of the call with the controller.

IoT & Sensor Integration

Integrate and surface IoT and sensor data to make informed decisions

Collect and surface highly contextual IoT and sensor data across your business to tap into new revenue streams and manage and monitor the health of your assets. Advanced data integration enables you to automate processes and distribute critical information across your organisation.







Leak Detection

Liquid Level

Force Sensors

Circuit Breakers



Operator Controls

Position Sensors


Situational awareness
Command Console Software

Reach your teams from your work office to the project site

Modernise your legacy systems with an intelligent platform for company-wide team collaboration, group communication and data synchronisation. Airacom APTT is a subscription-based group communications platform turning smartphones and tablets into effective walkie-talkies with near-unlimited coverage.

Group communications

Android and iOS push to talk application

Audio and video broadcast to users and groups

Make and receive private PTT calls

Toggle and communicate between talk groups

Connect field workers with command consoles

Automatically switch between WiFi & cellular

Send secure encrypted SMS, Files and media

Incident management

Decision making assistant with incident management

When incidents happen, your back office controllers need to take action fast. Managing fast-moving incidents with day-to-day operations can be challenging. Bring your frontline and back office teams together to rapidly respond, resolve and continuously learn from incidents.

Group Communication

Quickly identify which dispatch console channels are active and not active with coloured microphone symbols.

Unified Messaging

Understand which users are online available, offline unavailable or in do not disturb mode with full visibility of user presence.

Location Services

The Airacom dispatch console highlights the user in distress on the map. In addition, a list of the nearest users appears, enabling the dispatcher to establish calls to these users from the dispatch console.

Security and Encryption

Ambient listening can be enabled automatically for emergency calls so the dispatch controller does not need to active ambient listening per call, saving time to listen to and manage the incident.

API Integration

Airacom PoC system automatically records major events associated with an emergency incident, including the time the call arrived, the time of acknowledgement by the controller and the time of case closer. A full report of all events can be generated and saved in PDF or Excel.

Sensors and IoT Integration

Airacom PoC system automatically records major events associated with an emergency incident, including the time the call arrived, the time of acknowledgement by the controller and the time of case closer. A full report of all events can be generated and saved in PDF or Excel.

Airacom Command Console Software
Advanced user location
Dispatch Console Location Based Services

Advanced user location with smart geofencing rules and alarm monitoring

Airacom dispatch console with advanced GPS tracking, user visibility and rule-based geofence positioning to track users or groups entering and leaving a marked area. Raise alarms when location rules are violated and track the location of your field personnel outdoors with GPS and indoors using BLE beacons.

Users can turn location reporting off when off duty

Create up to 200 geo-fences with tracked users

Triggered alarms auto-centre the onscreen map

Operation debriefing

Operational and incident debriefing with dispatcher session playback

Operational debriefing is essential for the improvement of your organisation and it plays a critical role in your investigations and training when incidents or critical situations occur.

Incident Logs

All emergency calls and responses made by the controller are recorded with time and date stamps. Logs are saved in PDF or CSV formats as evidence.

Location History

The full location history of the users involved in an incident can be retrieved from the archiver, and reports can be saved in PDF or CSV formats.

Dispatcher Session Playback

Voice recording is enabled for calls which the controller participates. Any voice message transmitted during an incident can be searched by date, time, type of call and name of the transmitting user.

Push to Talk Recording
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Push to talk (PTT) over WiFi uses the existing wireless network and access points for resiliency and redundancy.

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Real time location services for indoor and outdoor tracking of personnel, assets and vehicles.

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For many businesses, WiFi is classed as the fourth utility and is deemed critical to their infrastructure no matter the location or size of the business. Airacom WiFi ensures businesses have the coverage and speed to run critical applications like Airacom WiFi PTT to keep connected and collaborating. Our on-premise WIFi services include:

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