Push to Talk over Cellular

Improve collaboration with Airacom push to talk over cellular

Airacom Push-to-Talk over Cellular (Airacom PTT) provides a reliable and cost-effective communication solution for businesses. Unlike traditional radios, Airacom PTT offers instant voice and messaging for teams over any mobile network operator worldwide. Enabling ultra-wide area coverage for compatible Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Push to Talk over Cellular

Push to talk over cellular group communications

Game-changing public and private push to talk over cellular. Get instant voice, video and messaging at a press of a button and collaborate across large user groups. Airacom APTT is a highly scalable team-centric group communications platform enabling groupwide collaboration for a distributed workforce.

Say goodbye to the high costs of infrastructure, hardware, and radio licenses often associated with traditional two-way radios. With Airacom’s Push-to-Talk over Cellular group communications platform, you can enjoy instant two way communication with national and international coverage, with limited infrastructure all without breaking the bank.

Our next-generation group communications platform is designed specifically for teams and service-oriented businesses, offering seamless and reliable collaboration to improve productivity and safety. Whether your team operates remotely in the field, on the road, or in a warehouse, Airacom’s Push-to-Talk over Cellular keeps your teams connected and collaborating.

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Airacom push to talk over cellular group collaboration platform for teams

Turn your business smartphone, rugged tablet or desktop PC into a walkie-talkie with APTT Push to Talk Software. We can help your business improve operational efficiency, by streamlining your internal group communications when switching from traditional two-way radios to Airacom push-to-talk software.

*Your application for a pay monthly push-to-talk service will probably involve a credit check. This process is straightforward and our team will let you know what we need before proceeding.

Airacom Push to Talk Software

Experience high availability push to talk with 99.999% uptime and reliability

Ultra reliable carrier-grade push-to-talk platform used by enterprise businesses, governments, emergency services and field workers with 99.999% high availability, geo-redundant architecture, and a financially backed SLA.

Airacom PoC Features

Push to talk over cellular core features:

Global Coverage

Wide area multi-network coverage over any 3G, 4G LTE, 5G or Satellite IP network with near-global coverage.

Broadband Push to Talk

Use Airacom push to talk over any public or private WiFi network or seamlessly switch between WiFi & cellular.

SMS, MMS & File Sharing

Make your communications more effective with secure messaging to teams and departments.


Airacom PTT requires limited bandwidth to make and receive PTT calls, lowering costs and speeding up delivery.

Network switching

Traffic is routed dynamically between satellite and ground cellular services for optimal performance.

Use Cases

Airacom APTT push to talk over satellite for remote workers, emergency situations, and natural disasters.


Satellite PTT solutions are designed for vehicles or fixed on-premise permanent or temporary locations.

Always on

Using multi-WAN satellite and cellular networks for seamless PTT communications.

PoC for every industry
Airacom Push to Talk over Cellular

Reinventing the two way radio with cellular broadband push to talk

Remove the limitations of two-way radios with our game-changing Push to Talk over Cellular software-based group communications platform. Get instant voice, video, messaging, location and alerting and meet the challenges of a distributed workforce.

Replace construction radios with ubiquitous wide area push to talk over cellular

Benefit from interference-free radio communication with near-national coverage across your construction site. Get the latest LTE PoC Radios to speed up your deployment time and reduce equipment costs. Or talk to us about LTE PoC radio hire for short-term and long-term projects.

No Interference

Airacom POC technology does not use radio waves and eliminates interference.

Multi Sites

Connect all users and sites with near-national coverage.

Geofence Attendance

Get real-time location of your staff with smart geofence shift clock in and outs, break start and return times with reports.

From the shop floor to the warehouse, ensure seamless operations with Push to Talk

Retail and warehouse push to talk group communication to say ahead of your logistics and fulfilment objectives, and improve your team’s productivity by keeping everyone on the same page using instant voice broadcasting.

High Audio Quality

Airacom push to talk over cellular provides high-quality audio on low bandwidth connections cellular and wireless networks.

Rapid Deployment

Highly scalable and flexible, APTT Cloud can have you operational in hours with a minimal upfront investment.

Push to talk dispatch and command consoles for dispatch operators

Enhance call processing and present business-critical information to dispatchers in high-pressure control centres. Route and manage calls based on user groups and permissions to increase safety and operational efficiency.

Multi-Channel Console: Manage up to 64 group channels within the Airacom dispatch console, plus emergency groups, private groups and ad-hoc call groups.

Cross Controller Collaboration: Controllers can establish push-to-talk calls or SMS and multimedia messaging from dispatchers within the same organisation.

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