Mobile Network Operators

We assist mobile network operators to deliver Airacom APTT push to talk group communication services to their customers under their own brand
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Evolve your core network and transform your operations to drive new value. We understand the complexities of MNOs and their need to deliver white-labelled services

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Embed Professional Push to Talk

Adapt and transform as a mobile operator with advanced solutions to increase your subscriber base and add more data revenue

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Outpace your Mobile Competitors

Offer your customers more choice with added value and advanced communication solutions to outpace your competition

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Bringing Privacy-First Communication

Deliver end-to-end encryption and secure group communications to your critical national infrastructure customers

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5G Changing Communication

Emerging 5G technology will enable the next generation of communications services. Learn how we are planning for the future

88.4% Growth will come from connected M2M devices

Airacom is maximising mobile operator opportunities by building disruptive software outpacing legacy platforms to serve a range of vertical industries with M2M and IoT solutions

Connectivity and Billing Solutions for Operators

Our workforce management platform provides a single window to securely manage IoT and M2M assets across any number of deployments

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Our Software Solutions

Our dedicated MNO Team has years of experience supporting mobile operators deliver solutions to their client base

Airacom APTT Push to Talk

Offer advanced business-critical Push to Talk services, powered by your nationwide network in your brand

Airacom Push to Talk Dashboards

Critical communications require critical data, analytics and real-time business intelligence. Give your customers the tools to run their business

Airacom Sensor Integration

Add wireless sensor integration as a service to your proposition and serve your clients with insights at scale to make informed business-critical decisions

Airacom Global Push to Talk

Attract new customers and increase your mobile subscriber base with recurring software-as-a-service billing revenue

Connected technologies we work on

Outpace the competition and address your most complex and critical challenges

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Six Reasons to Switch

Ready to upgrade your legacy systems or concerned with increased security risk? – Take advantage of our consultative approach

Demand for Digitisation

Traditional communications services are decreasing. Businesses are now shifting away from legacy platforms for cloud-based solutions

Intelligence Analytics

Intelligent systems for analytics were once seen as optional add-ons. Today, companies rely on insights to keep their business moving forward

Modernise Legacy Platforms

Your business reputation and revenue are affected when your technology stops working or suffers a security breach

Near Global Coverage

Wide-area multi-network coverage over any 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, WiFi or Satellite IP network with near global coverage

Security and Data Privacy

Advanced multi-layered end-to-end encryption, secure authentication and (GDPR) data protection for privacy

Rapid Deployment

Highly scalable and flexible, APTT Cloud can have you operational in hours with a minimal upfront investment